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The hawks of New York City

A high-pitched shriek attracks my attention. I look up and see a young red-tailed hawk up in the tree. It clumsily tries to keep its balance on a branch as a bigger hawk lands next to it, with a pigeon in its claws. 157 more words


A Pack of Smokes

Mr. Butcher did not know where his cigarettes were but he did know one thing…they definitely were not on his person. And they definitely were not on the park bench at Tompkins Square Park where he had just been sitting. 410 more words



Ben New York‘a dair yazacağım şeyleri aslında çok önceden yazmıştım ancak ara ara Seyahat bölümüne yeni bir şeyler karalamayacağım anlamına geliyor mu? Gelmiyor. Malum park bizde (İstanbul) ciddi bir problem. 716 more words



If I die tomorrow, I want to come back to this world as a successful musician. I want the gratification of chords strum out of my finger tips, brain and hands in gratifying piebald, surprisingly hypnotizing the audience with the sound of images. 524 more words


Homeless Man Removed From de Blasio Presser on Homelessness

In Tompkins Square Park, Mayor Bill de Blasio was just about to talk about the progress of his effort to help people living on the streets, dubbed Home-Stat. 797 more words

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