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Aluminum stinks

So everyday like clockwork I get up, do my morning routine and get ready to work…at home. I put on deodorant because though I am alone, I still don’t like to stink up the house. 397 more words

why does natural deodorant make me stink so bad?

i’ve been trying all kinds of natural deodorants for years but they’re all terrible. tom’s of maine, geo deo, some weird crystal thing jenn got me, and several others, but every one of them makes me stink even worse than if i don’t wear any deodorant at all. 116 more words

My name is Ashlee and I am a sweater. I sweat in the winter, I sweat in the summer and I sweat when I’m nervous. Sometimes, I sweat in my sleep.

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Pink Gumbeaux

Cruelty Free Favorites

First off, hello guys! Long time no post. I’m sorry, I recently started school after taking two years off. I graduated high school in 2015 and I’m finally doing something. 1,029 more words

Cruelty Free

A Simple Guide to Chemical-Free Toothpaste and Mouth Wash

When thinking about oral hygiene, while trying to eliminate chemicals from your life, toothpastes and mouth washes are often overlooked. The truth is, a lot of the popular products out there have many potentially harmful chemicals and other synthetic ingredients. 446 more words


From Grassroots to Selfie Sticks: Tom's of Maine's Digital Integration Strategy

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Eco-friendly Tom’s of Maine is a highly regarded top producer of natural, cruelty-free consumer products like fluoride-free toothpastes and aluminum-free deodorants. The company offers a high level of transparency regarding its ingredients and practices ethical ingredient sourcing. 728 more words

Round 16. Bathroom Edit. 

Dear Toms of Maine,

I love many things about your products and love what you stand for… but, we need to break up.


This deodorant doesn’t work for me any more. 66 more words

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