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Ongoing project: Tondo and other ways to look at it

Tondo is my home. I have lived in Tondo, Manila since I was a kid.  Whenever people ask me where I live, they get shock because Tondo is known to be a notorious place—a haven of drug addicts, gangsters, and criminals. 151 more words


Ongoing | Send A Child To School

This 2016-2017 school year, Project Pearls is aiming to send hundreds of children from the slums of Helping Land in Tondo, Manila.

Helping Land is home to thousands of families whose main source of livelihood is scavenging from garbage. 50 more words


Volunteer | Life Project 4 Youth

Help the youth of Tondo, Manila achieve their DREAMS. Be an English Trainer Volunteer.

You may visit their Facebook page to know more about LP4Y… 8 more words


Living through dusts of coal in Tondo

Six-year-old Kenneth would usually get up from bed earlier than his mother when going to school.

Enthusiastic about school that is only walking distance from their home, Kenneth would even be the one to wake up his mother. 1,078 more words


Sea of Diamonds

Do you own your car or does your car own you? You can drive a brand new SUV from a Manila showroom for £30 down-payment and monthly repayments of £100 – to sit in traffic for the next 5 years going nowhere. 1,714 more words


A prayer for Tondo

Its only the first day since i came back from Tondo, Philippines and there are so many things on my mind. After all the things i have seen, i feel like i have become a bit more angsty as i cannot stand to be in singapore, such a clean city, where everything is so ‘perfect’. 370 more words

Tondo Property for Sale (MR)

Location:  Asuncion, Tondo, Manila

Lot area:  2,000sqm. more or less

Description: Property with existing market bounded by Asuncion, Elcano and Zaragosa Sts. around a block away from C.M. 19 more words