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The 50 Sexiest Arms in Hollywood—and Tips on How to Get Them

Spoiler alert: Celebrities maintain their killer bodies with a little—nay, a lot—of help from folks like personal trainers, private chefs, aestheticians, and maybe even a plastic surgeon or two, which is why we’re not always in the habit of comparing ourselves to their impossible-to-achieve physiques. 397 more words


Cardio And Bicep Burn-Out 

You know what time it is! Sweat it out Saturday!

Quick circuit workouts are perfect when you’re pressed for time or have a jam packed weekend. 102 more words



Why? It’s self explanatory really, by doing push ups you are using your chest and your arms muscles.
Here’s how:
3 sets or 15 push ups each with 30 sec rest in between each set. 27 more words

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3 Exercises to beat bingo wings and to sculpt your arms

Ladies have you ever wanted toned sculpted arms?………………………

I know we are going into the Autumn and arms will be covered. But think about Christmas is just a few months away. 445 more words

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Workout Tips to Tone Your Arms

Workout Tips to Tone Your Arms

Arms are like the cover of a book: if the cover of the book is attractive, the book instantly becomes more appealing. 62 more words

Get Leaner And Stronger

Fit & Fab: 6 Super-Simple Exercises For Toned Arms.

It’s that time of the year when we’re all dying to go sleeveless. But the one thing we would all love to have to rock our summery outfits like a boss is toned arms! 385 more words


5 Ways to Get Toned With a Medicine Ball

Bored of those dumbbells? Try swapping out your free weights for a medicine ball instead. Medicine ball training is one of the oldest and most effective forms of strength conditioning ever since the Greeks discovered the physical fitness benefits of exercising with weighted balls. 589 more words