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Heart in a Million Knots (Xiang Liu, Lost You Forever)

Book 3 Chapter 15 of Lost You Forever is one of the most heartbreaking chapters for me to read. Its title is 心有千千结, which means “heart in a million knots.” Whose heart? 673 more words

Tong Hua

Favorite Scenes: Ballad of the Desert (Da Mo Yao) Episode 1-10

Da Mo Yao, the show that I’ve been waiting years to watch, finally aired on Hunan TV on October 1st. The show is based off of my favorite Chinese novel written by… 2,117 more words

Da Mo Yao

C-drama : First Impression Watching Dessert of Ballad

Who Excited just alike me, watching 风中奇缘 AkA Da Mo Yao AKA Ballad of Desert

Long awaited C-drama finally airing.
I think it has been two years ago when netizen talking and buzzing about DMY novel written by Tong Hua would be adapted to drama. 341 more words


A Book Dedicated to Our Youth: Prologue

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Please few free to correct me in the comments section if you spot any mistakes! 3,217 more words


A Sequel Disaster: Bu Bu Jing Qing

Recapping Bu Bu Jing Qing has been similar to torture. Twenty three episodes in, which is a little more than halfway through, and it is time to declare forfeit. 489 more words

First Impressions

I Am Sorry

Something might be happen since I am sorry word appears. Yeah, I want to apologize that I thinking to stop translating Lost You Forever in Indonesian. 117 more words


Lost You Forever Chapter 4 Part 4

Xiang Liu berjalan di sepanjang ombak dengan Xiao Liu. Tidak ada cahaya keperakan, lautan hanya berwarna gelap kelam dan tidak ada apa-apa di depan mereka maupun di belakang. 2,193 more words