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Start of the North Island

We’ve moved on to the North Island now, starting our journey once again in Wellington – which will also be our final destination :(. Wendy and Kev let us recuperate from seven weeks of rough sleeps and days without showering, making us feel at home for a while before we start out again. 622 more words

NZ North Island

Tongariro Crossing... Oh and Mt Doom

5:30AM! … Standing outside the hostel waiting for the coach to take us to the start of the trek.

Took an hour and half to drive to our start point and then we were off, with our daypacks, map and clear instructions that the last bus to take us back would be at 4:30. 136 more words


New Zealand - Day 6

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Please excuse the quality of these pictures.  I only had my phone with me this day and it was dark and rainy almost exclusively.   2,745 more words


Tongariro Crossing

Got to Lake Taupo, on the north island of New Zealand.

Join a trekking group and do the Tongariro Alpine Crossing if you love the idea of hiking for 12 miles over volcanic rocks and landscapes that will make you feel like you are in… 144 more words

Adventure Prompts

Tongariro Crossing New Zealand

I have lived outside NZ now for 14 years…. insane! I decided every time I go back I have to do something new that I haven’t done so I can be a traveller at home. 674 more words


Middle Earth: Hobbiton, Mordor, & Mt. Doom

Sometimes I wonder if life is for reals. Because how am I not taking midterms or cramming for finals? I don’t know either.

I flew out of LAX on March 1st a little before 11 PM  and arrived in Auckland on March 3rd at 8:20 AM. 483 more words

Taking on the Tongariro Crossing – the best one-day trek in the world

There’s a hike across New Zealand’s oldest national park, Tongariro, that has gained legendary status among travellers. It’s bold and beautiful, no question about it, but it’s also a tough mother of a proposition – basically, a long, one-day, one-way trek across a volcanic plateau so harsh and spectacular that it doubled as Mordor in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ films. 509 more words