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Hiking in Mordor a.k.a. Tongariro National Park

Mordor. The word brings to mind black rocks barren of foliage, a boiling sky, The Eye and Mount Doom. What doesn’t come to mind are aquamarine lakes, bright snow, windswept plains, icy streams, and rocks dyed red with the iron of countless volcanic eruptions. 824 more words

New Zealand

Hello Beautiful

Well, this is quite a surprise. No matter how many times I revised my travel plans, none of those plans ever included New Zealand or Australia. 511 more words


Tongariro Alpine Crossing, New Zealand

Located in the middle of the North Island of New Zealand, Tongariro National Park holds a very special place in my heart. My parents have a modest little house located about 40km out, and my childhood years were spent exploring its thermal parks, lakes, forests, hot pools, and miscellaneous attractions (for some reason that included the Tongariro Trout Hatchery, an inexplicable favourite of my mothers, one that I believe she made my long suffering father attend again recently). 1,470 more words


Tongariro Crossing

New Zealand’s Tongariro Crossing is a challenging 12-mile hike across some of the most unique and beautiful landscape on the planet. When you hike the crossing you literally pass right next to the Tongariro’s volcanic crater. 408 more words


I wrecked my body on a mountain. I need protein.

I woke up around 4:00 am on Tuesday morning to pack up for our day hike along Tongariro Crossing in Tonagariro National Park. The weather was iffy, but the park tour guides gave us the go ahead to hike without them if we wanted, saving us $100 NZ in the process. 548 more words

Crossing Tongariro: Tempting Mount Doom

Mount Doom likes to play games. The abominable, deadly weather kind of games.

After a long drive and a few days spent in the engaging town of Wellington, we decided we would drive back up to Tongariro to attempt the hike up Mount Ngauruhoe, more famously known as Mount Doom. 2,104 more words


Possibly the Best Wild Camping Spot Ever?

Follow me! Come with me!

See how I tumble and fall

Over the rocks a crescendo call

Shouting and smashing and drumming, I spew

Out of the mountain I come with a new… 298 more words