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10 Best Herbs for Female Hormone Balance

Reduced sexual desire, a lack of energy, hormonal imbalance… all problems that can cause a great deal of stress for women. Of course, environmental toxins and hormone disrupting chemicals (like  1,140 more words

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Tongkat Ali - Experts Reply to the Effectiveness and Extraction Process

The herbal extract was brought to Kilham by Annie Eng who pushed Kilham to explore the merits of herbal medicines and therapies.

Kilham and Eng visited Malaysia to observe the extraction procedure upfront. 447 more words

The Top 8 Herbs for Andropause

Andropause, or male menopause, is a condition associated with a drop in sexual activity, testosterone levels, and a diminished frequency of normal erections. It’s an age related problem and many men are in full swing by middle age. 1,049 more words

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The Benefits of Tongkat Ali for Male Enhancement

Many aging men experience reductions in testosterone and other hormones, a condition known as andropause. Symptoms of andropause may include reduced sexual response, lack of energy, increased body fat, and mental lethargy. 808 more words

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Ideas About Vitamins And Minerals Are Very Easy When You've Got Great Tips!

The human body is a complex thing. There are so many things the body needs that it can be overwhelming to try and manage it. Vitamins are a key to a healthy body and you should learn all you can. 705 more words

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