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A Frolick or a Lolly?

Bam Bam busts a move on a sunny day at the farm.  Would this be considered a frolick or a lolly or neither?  Anyway, he sure looks like he’s having fun!

Bringing the Heat - Detroit Tigers: Bonus Granderson Interview and Player Yearbook Photos Included!

Previously on Ladies…

It is almost not fair. We have been doing this MLB “Bringing the Heat” series all summer long; team by team, hottie by hottie, forearm by forearm, smile by smile, glute by glute, and I would wager that none – none – of the other teams even come close to stacking up to how hot the Detroit Tigers’ roster is on and off the field. 1,200 more words


Hit and Run - Wednesday of the Weary

There is no way to sugarcoat this post.

I am fucking exhausted. I hate my job. I sat through a messy Pirates loss in the 10th at Dodger Stadium over the weekend. 435 more words