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Exposure: Vulnerable!


I re-read a couple of my emotional abuse/gaslighting posts yesterday. They shocked me. The raw state of my nerves came back in a flash. But I felt I had to remind myself because I have come to recognise a weakness (one of many, I am well aware!) in my psychological make-up: I am inclined to be overly trusting, and I do not always recognise life’s emotional drains and vampires in time. 524 more words

Daily Prompt


One of the beautiful buildings in downtown Basel, Switzerland.  Note the intricate iron work on the balcony railings.

Many statues adorn the buildings.

I think I heard this correctly, but this was a Catholic church before the reformation.  145 more words

Vantage Rhine River Cruise

Tame Your Tongue

Like faulty wiring,

an unbridled tongue

can spark a massive and destructive fire

on purpose, mean-spirited, verbal abuse

bullying, obnoxious and deliberate

leaves the bitter taste of vengeance on the lips of victims.


Umm...There Will Be A Short Delay Folks

No…No, mom, Sherl wouldn’t get stoned while on a case!  You swear she was ripped.  I better talk to her then.  Maybe mom’s exaggerating.

Hi there Sherl, how’s the case coming along?   165 more words

Those Red Patches on Your Tongue are Nothing to be Alarmed About

If you’ve ever been alarmed to find oddly-shaped red patches on your tongue, you can relax for the most part. Most likely, you’re part of a small fraction of the population with a condition known as geographic tongue. 137 more words

Daily bible passage - 1/17/17

Proverbs 28:23

He who rebukes a man will find more favor afterward Than he who flatters with the tongue.