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The Only Thing That Will Remain...


This morning as I was contemplating love and its eternal nature, some truths struck me.

According to First Corinthians 13, the only gifts and work of the Spirit that will remain into eternity is love.  849 more words

I Once Worked For A Christian Church

Okay, it wasn’t for very long. Literally only, like, three hours. But, unholy shit, what an adventure.

First of all, know that one of my jobs for a while has been as a lighting designer or technician of some sort. 650 more words

Permanent Pentecost (Part I)

The “Holy Spirit movement” — which began way back in Genesis 1:2 is known by a variety of names.  This is not strange, for it has to do with God, whose names are as countless as they are wonderful. 318 more words

Breaking the Drought

The Anti-Holy Spirit Spirit

Rain upon us, Holy Spirit!

Recently Sam and I visited a small fellowship that was trying to establish itself in a nearby needy neighborhood. 2,695 more words

Spiritual Realities And Warfare

Speaking of Tongues

It has been said that Christianity without the supernatural is just another religion.

Most Church experience is void of the supernatural. The Holy Spirit is spoken of in passing and the Spirit’s role in our lives, and in the life of the Church, is hardly understood. 933 more words