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Oduys the Murderer - Deathwatch Dreadnought

I have smelt the foetid breath that issues from the mouth of hell itself.
I have heard the silent voices that make your spine tingle with dread. 47 more words

Thorn Moons Crusade


I have dreamed I was in hell, there’s no fire… I just know.
In my dream I don’t know how I died… I just know there’s no life to where I was. 230 more words


Toni's Cafe, 93 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW

Toni’s Cafe was situated at 93 Hunter Street, Newcastle NSW Australia, from c. 1940 – 1947.

I was made aware of Toni’s Cafe while searching Trove. 165 more words

Chapter 35

I lavished in the fresh vampire blood for some time. No idea how long. Time didn’t pass in this place like elsewhere, even elsewhere in the domus. 20,036 more words


Chapter 34

Bram and I hardly talked on the plane. He lost himself in his memories of Circe, which I had no interest in. She tried bringing some of her own to the forefront and I suppressed it best I could by wallowing in my disappointment in Bram. 15,611 more words


Chapter 33

“Toni?” The voice knocked me out of my revelry and instantly put me on edge. So much for relaxing. It was Cole: the ash covered, bull of a man who was in charge of the furnaces. 6,717 more words