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Stages of pain.

My experience of the stages of pain.

Day 1: My last meal was at 7am and drink at 11am. I remember feeling starving by 11am. My appointment at the hospital (NHS England) was for 12pm but my operation did not take place until 5pm. 369 more words

Tonsillectomy prep

Ok, so if you’ve decided that having a tonsillectomy is the right path for yourself here are some things that can help you prepare (from my experience) 445 more words

Hi! A little bit about me...

Hey! my names B I’m a 28 year old lady, I recently had my tonsils removed and wanted to share the experience. When I was recovering from the operation I found that a lot of the advice online did not work for myself and the drugs people were taking applied to the USA not the UK. 21 more words

day-by-day: my tonsillectomy experience

Hi everyone!! I have decided to make this blog-page thing following my tonsillectomy that I had on 8th March 2016. I’ve made this because I really underestimated this op, looked online and noticed everyone had such different (some scary) experiences and I hope this helps some people who are in the gruelling process of it .. 2,892 more words


Having a Tonsillectomy

So today I thought I would share my dreaded battle with my tonsils. These bad boys caused me years of suffering until enough was enough! 925 more words


Blessings in Disguise???

Wait…what?  It’s only Tuesday???

This has already been the longest week…ever. I was coming off the high of a wonderful, fun-with-my-kiddos, relaxing, house-in-order, everything-right-with-the-world kind of weekend on Sunday evening.   1,129 more words

Tonsillectomy. Not for the faint of heart.

Tonsillectomy Experience: 12/18/13 – 12/26/13

I am an 18-year-old female. In eleventh grade (I was 16) I had strep throat 7 times. I approached my first ENT during the last bout of strep that year and begged him to take my tonsils out and he declined me, claiming my tonsils were not big enough (ha!) to require removal. 2,054 more words