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Tonsillectomies: No Longer A Routine Solution

In my parents’ day, surgeons gladly removed tonsils after a few sore throats, but as of late, the procedure is rarely done for the same reasons. 19 more words


Adult Tonsillectomy - day one

Well, here I am. At home. Not drinking. Yes, I’m being forced. Yes I am on pain medicine. But I am still counting this period as abstinence… Anything I can do to be sober. 788 more words


The First Night...

Hello everyone of the internet world! I assume if you are reading this, you are about to get your own tonsillectomy done, you are legitimately concerned about my well being, or it is in the very early hours of the morning and you are trying to entertain yourself. 1,249 more words


Scabs: The First Slumber

I finished off the last of my steroids last night, got into bed with two vicodin around 10 pm and was feeling good. Somewhere along the line, after saying goodnight to my girlfriend, I got into a deep conversation about my insecurities with my boy Banana until about 2 am. 449 more words


So clearly this is my first entry. I decided to create a blog because being out of work for 2 weeks, what else is there to do? 339 more words