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So I went under the knife on Monday and got a tonsillectomy for Tonsilloliths. It’s quite painful now and is hard to get a good night’s rest. 23 more words

Update #17: Tonsillectomy and Oral Thrushes, I'm in Bad Shape!

Hi everyone. Since my last post in the last week of March (Update #16) so much has happened. On the 02nd April I had a tonsillectomy (removal of tonsils), which requires at least 2 weeks to recover at home. 233 more words



It has been a little over three weeks and I am pretty much healed up! I have a sore throat and small ear ache today but I am convinced it is allergies! 196 more words


Hello there!

Just dropping by to say that I am recovering from a tonsillectomy and a septoplasty. Having this surgery done 3 days after my 41st birthday totally kicked my butt. 196 more words


My adult tonsillectomy experience

After countless years¬†of bad sleep, I finally resolved to get my large tonsils out at age 24 so I could breathe easier. The doctor confirmed this was the right course of action after looking at my tonsils and exclaiming, “If I had these tonsils, I’d get them out!” 481 more words


Hi guys! I’m so sorry for the lack of posts on here at the moment but I’ve just had my tonsils removed so sleeping is kind of the only thing I can manage to do at the minute! 234 more words


Day 13

No real updates again. I think right now is just a waiting game for my scabs to completely fall off. I still have a mild sore throat and ears, but I can swallow and it’s just occasionally. 202 more words