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Tonsillectomy, Pt. 2

Did you know that tonsils is only spelled with one L, but the procedure to get them removed has two?  I’ve always wondered why it was like that.  756 more words


It's Smoothie Time...

Last Tuesday, this girl got her tonsils out. Word to the wise, this surgery is NOT for the faint of heart. I read all the horror stories, all the prep, and I thought to myself (as I’m sure does everyone else) these people are babies, wusses, and complainers. 145 more words


In a crisis - Daily Prompt

In a Crisis

Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?

Well we all know what crisis are and I can say my response to crisis situation is pretty okay,I tend to manage them and keep my cool. 150 more words

Daily Prompt

Medication can strengthen bond with paranormal ideas

Three days have passed since I had my tonsils removed,  and the medication is kicking in has provided me with a variety of odd moments. … 207 more words


Another Series Gone

When I began the ‘Sew My Stash Sunday’ series I was really confident that I would do some sewing every week and always have something to share.  277 more words



Blood supply & relation of tonsils:

Taken from Dhingra textbook


Surgical procedure that completely removes the tonsil, including its capsule by dissecting the peritonsillar space between the tonsil capsule and the muscular wall. 297 more words

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