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Hi guys! I’m so sorry for the lack of posts on here at the moment but I’ve just had my tonsils removed so sleeping is kind of the only thing I can manage to do at the minute! 234 more words


Day 13

No real updates again. I think right now is just a waiting game for my scabs to completely fall off. I still have a mild sore throat and ears, but I can swallow and it’s just occasionally. 202 more words


Day 12

No special updates on my recovery today. I feel normal other than being tired and feeling like I am getting a sinus infection. I have had a hard time sleeping at night ever since I stopped taking my pain meds. 320 more words


Day 11: Foodie

My scabs are falling off and I have to say I have never been more happy yet disgusted at the same time! My throat feels so dry and itchy in the back and it feels just like when you have a thick crusty scab on your skin. 319 more words


Day 10: The Big Question

The big question I have asked myself during my recovery is “why did I do this”? I have had my really bad days, my really good days, and my average days and today is one of those average days. 367 more words


Day 9: Everybody Poops And Top 5 Things To Do On The Day Of Your Surgery

Everybody Poops…except me. If I would have known my pain medicine would have given me such bad constipation I would have considered not taking it. Last night was complete MADNESS! 393 more words


Day 8: Bodily Functions

So last night and today have been frustrating because normal bodily functions are, well, not functioning. Let’s just talk for a minute about the importance of poop. 280 more words