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Study shows codeine prescribed to children despite FDA warning against it

A new study shows as many as one in 20 children were still receiving codeine to treat pain after tonsil and adenoid surgery, two years after federal regulators warned doctors that prescribing the opioid to kids after the routine surgeries could be fatal. 481 more words


The Surgery

I slunked down the stairs into the living room where my mom was watching TV. I was groggy and confused, I couldn’t remember why I had woken up. 729 more words

Short Stories

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before my Son's Tonsillectomy 

When I found out my son needed to have a tonsillectomy, I was pretty nervous but knew that God is in control. As hindsight is usually 20/20, I wanted to share the ten things I wish I knew before my son’s tonsillectomy. 883 more words

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My Road to Tonsillectomy

One day I woke up to a feeling that I felt many times this year. I have a sore throat, again. I had already been thinking about having it removed so that I would not have to take a leave from work for just having tonsillitis. 669 more words

Tonsils and Salvation: Part 2

I kept listening for his cry, ready to go comfort him the best I could, and it seemed so long before I heard him cry. Then I heard a faint cry. 746 more words

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Tonsils and Salvation: Part 1 

At 5:00 am, my alarm went off, and I fumbled around in the dark to get ready. I chose to let my son sleep as long as possible because it was going to be a hard day! 546 more words

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Act 1

Alright, so I’m going to start off by confessing that I am NOT a writer.  I’m purely here to share my last decade of health experiences as well as a few fun travel adventures!  1,096 more words