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Adult Tonsillectomy/Adenoidectomy Recovery - Days 6-10

Post-Op Day 6:

  • Weight: 132.0 (I’m not eating much at all, but I think the steroids are making me retain weight. I also think my body is hoarding the calories that I do consume).
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Adult Tonsillectomy/Adenoidectomy Recovery - Days 1-5

History/Why I’m having the surgery:

I have had recurring throat infections that have become much more frequent in recent years. I have visited a doctor for a sore throat at least… 2,624 more words

​17 Raw Ruminations From An Adult Tonsillectomy Survivor

*article originally published on The Odyssey Online*

Tonsillectomy… the thing that brings to mind vivid dreams of being able to eat only ice cream with a very valid excuse. 1,112 more words


Recovering from an Adult Tonsillectomy (in the UK)

Today is Day 7 of my tonsillectomy recovery. I’m documenting it in my blog because it’s a Major Life Event for me, after 37 years of playing host to Troublesome Tonsils. 1,161 more words

Self Improvement

A Bucket of One's Own

One of my favourite books (essay really, but who cares) is Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own. It’s a nice blueprint for people who want a quiet life of reading, writing, wandering about London and stopping to rest into the quiet cool of the British Museum (as it was then, certainly not quiet now, it’s bloody swamped in there these days). 245 more words


The Long-awaited Adult Tonsillectomy

Last Friday was a milestone in my life. I didn’t get married, didn’t have my first child, didn’t get promoted or any of the other monumental events that make a life. 1,674 more words

Self Improvement