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Video: A Guide to Tonsillectomy

Dr. Faheem Tadros, takes us through how a tonsillectomy is performed and advises patients on what to do before and after the operation. So whether you have just undergone the procedure or are in need of it, this video should help settle any questions.

Medical FAQ's

Tonsillectomy recovery guide and tips

Hi everyone, I know I intended for this blog to be travel related and a tonsillectomy recovery guide is a little left of field for most of the people reading this but I feel when a lesson as big as this one is learned, it's helpful to share it. 1,932 more words

Different Types of ENT Devices


ENT devices are used by Otorhinolaryngologists also known as ENT surgeons where ENT stands for ear, nose and throat. ENT surgeons use ENT devices to treat various medical conditions concerning hearing disorders or smell and taste problems, problems that affect a patient’s voice, breathing and swallowing disorders, also the head and neck tumours and interface with the brain problems. 360 more words


My Tonsillectomy Experience

Before my surgery, I’d suffered from Tonsillitis every few months and I’d be in so much pain that I’d be crying myself to sleep :'( Since I’m going to Japan next year, I didn’t want this to be another problem to deal with and the longer you leave a Tonsillectomy, the more painful it is so I thought now would be the perfect time! 685 more words


I rarely talk about L, on social media. That is an important choice she made not to be present on social media, and I respect that. 723 more words


Legs Like An 18th Century Versailles Courtier

A Tale of Two Tonsils — Day 1

I’m just getting over a cold I caught in Canada, I’m eager to get rid of my tonsils, the time is now! 829 more words


3 Years Later... The Beginning of the End?

Three years ago today, I published my first post on this blog.

At the time, I was in a downwards spiral, falling apart and losing my mind. 520 more words