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Turnbull: Trustworthy?

His perceived charm and aura of responsibility instils faith within the common constituent, and in doing so, breathes life  back into this government of the 44th Commonwealth parliament. 792 more words


a word from Chairman Mal ...

Chairman Mal Waffler tells it like it is, with a cameo from, and about Tony Abbott’s rhetorical style. Their ABC version.

Contemptible? You choose.


After White Ribbon Day: put your money where your oath is.

November 25th is the International Day of Elimination of Violence against Women, known as White Ribbon Day after the organisation that works to prevent male violence against women, an organisation led by men with the aim of supporting women, and calling violent men on their behaviours as well as assisting them with change. 1,282 more words


Bitter Pill: Tony Abbott Should Resign From Parliament

A PIECE in yesterday’s issue of The Australian bluntly declared former Prime Minister Tony Abbott should “stop stirring and get a new job;” we agree, and whether the Liberal Right supports Malcolm Turnbull, or subscribes to his political direction, or not — or whether it feels aggrieved and seeks vengeance, or is merely misunderstood, or not — it should encourage its beaten figurehead to leave Parliament, and abandon political comment. 2,451 more words

Turnbull expects loyalty he never gave

What a hide. Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop expect unwavering loyalty from those around them when they gave absolutely none to Tony Abbott.

Turnbull was plotting, leaking and destabilising the Abbott government from day 1, and rushed the leadership challenge before the Canning by-election because Turnbull knew that a good win for the Coalition there would scupper his chances of toppling Abbott. 66 more words

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Union police pounce - right on cue

                                                                                                  Photo: Business Insider

It’s uncanny. One day you write a story about Liberal Party hardliners politicising Australian police forces and, tickle me with a truncheon, the very next morning they go out and prove you right. 1,235 more words


Sydney book launch, another lovely review, shameless attention-seeking

Dear the Internet,

So the Sydney Morning Herald have reviewed …Captain Abbott – more specifically, they ask the author Anson Cameron to review it – and he was very, very kind indeed. 422 more words