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Abbott promises stronger engagement with Indonesia over new plans for asylum seekers

In the wake of controversy over alleged payments to people smugglers, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has promised to engage Indonesia more closely in newly announced plans for dealing with asylum seekers. 244 more words


Barnaby Joyce discriminates against gay cows

I read the news this morning, as I usually do. More to keep up with the comedy coming out of Canberra every day. This caught my eye in particular. 511 more words


Mafia Release Statement Saying, 'Bill Who?'

Following last week’s Four Corner’s report into the Mafia’s links to Australian politics, with a focus on the Liberal Party, the the show is planning a new program exploring the Mafia’s links to the Australian Labor Party (ALP). 149 more words

The UnAustralian

SBS Tiptoeing Around Trying Not To Attract Tony Abbott's Attention

After seeing how its big brother ABC was punished for insubordination, Australia’s other major publicly funded television network has been keeping its head down around the house. 196 more words

The UnAustralian

Graphical Manipulations #142: AGW, Border Forces, Toads, Rats, Sheep And Fancy Dress!

As a microbiologist I’m a keen receiver of regular updates on things microbiological by way of ProMED emails (supported by the International Society for Infectious Disease and individual subscription). 844 more words

Barnaby Joyce & Tony Abbott have a "spirited conversation" about #QandA ban

Rumour has it that Barnaby Joyce is extremely angry at Tony Abbott pronouncing a ban on ministers appearing on ABC’s Q&A program AFTER Joyce publicly announce he would appear on the show. 25 more words