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The joke that put Scott Morrison in troubled waters

The Political Weekly: our politicians gave voters whiplash as breathtaking displays of political acrobatics and pratfalls competed for our attention.

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No Referendum. No Plebiscite. Just Pass the Bill.

The following is my submission to the current Senate Inquiry into whether there should be a referendum or plebiscite into marriage equality. As you can tell from the title of this post, I am strongly against both. 2,041 more words


Australia cancels loopy plan for visa police, and other reasons to fear for humanity

1. The airline fails, you’re on your own

SkyGreece, a Canadian airline, ceases operation and hundreds of people are stranded. CTV says the airline “urged passengers to contact their travel agents to arrange alternative flight plans.” The federal transportation minister “recommended passengers write directly to SkyGreece about their concerns.” Oh yeah, that’s going to help. 655 more words

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Tony Abbott Talks to Black Star

Tune In next Monday morning when Greg Reid will be talking to the PM about his visit to North Queensland.

Black Star Morning Focus Show, Monday October 31, from 9am. 115 more words


Bracket creep: Joe Hockey takes charge with fiscal strategy


Treasurer Joe Hockey is planning to fix bracket creep through implementation of fiscal expansion in conjunction with fiscal contraction. Bracket creep is an issue which we are all affected by, as inflation and a rise in wages, push us into higher tax brackets. 164 more words


Australian Preferred PM: Biased Sampling?

As the debate between the “Liberal Party of Australia” and the “Australian Labor Party” continues to stir day by day, polls display a 51% ALP preference for preferred Prime Minister to a 49% Coalition preference, but does this data display a true representation, or are the figures biased? 23 more words


Reader's Corner - The Books of a Nine Year Old

The idea of a Reader’s Corner was submitted through the Facebook page for my blog which can be found here. Since my daughter just finished reading a book today, I thought I would go ahead and ask her about it. 336 more words