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Australia's great tradition as a pioneer of progress is one we need to remember

“I worry about the brave new world of same-sex marriage if this is how some of the people who are most enthusiastically working for it are behaving.” Abbott’s assailant says that “this was nothing to do with that”, that it was “just my personal hatred” of Abbott, energised by alcohol. 32 more words

Tony Abbott

'Nothing to do with marriage equality': alleged Tony Abbott attacker speaks out | Australia news | The Guardian

Abbott told Sky News the man who allegedly attacked him told him “you deserve it because of what you have been saying”.He linked the attack to what he described as “a lot of bullying in the campaign” by those advocating a “yes” vote.“I think pretty clearly this bloke wanted to make his contribution to the current debate and instead of doing it respectfully he did it through a little bit of politically motivated violence, or attempted violence,” Abbott said.But the network quoted an advisor to Abbott saying the attacker had not specifically mentioned same-sex marriage. 17 more words

Tony Abbott

'Nothing to do with same-sex marriage': Anarchist DJ who headbutted Tony Abbott

“It was nothing to do with the ‘yes’ campaign, that was just a sticker that a friend stuck on me,” he said.” was just a lifelong ambition to headbutt a fascist because I’m a skinhead that likes ska music and hates fascism. 29 more words

Tony Abbott

'He headbutted me': Tony Abbott says he was assaulted by yes campaigner

Former prime minister says he was attacked on street in Hobart by a man who had asked to shake his hand, leaving Abbott with a swollen lip… 421 more words


Bernardi & Abbott: a shared psychosis

And the week finished on a spectacularly self-mutilating note for the No side, with Cory Bernardi and Tony Abbott inadvertently exposing the dark spite at its crippled heart through a couple of straw-clutching stunts that only served to reveal the dire lack of substance in the anti-marriage equality tripe. 635 more words


Is Tony Abbott Lying About Getting Head-butted For Marriage Equality? - New Matilda

UPDATE: ABC is reporting a man has been charged in relation to the alleged assault. His motivation remains unknown. Tony Abbott is many things to many people. 40 more words

Tony Abbott

‘Nothing to do with same sex marriage’

The 38-year-old Tasmanian DJ Astro Labe today came forward to clear up what he calls ‘a complete misunderstanding’. The self-proclaimed anarchist stated that it was never his intention to head-butt former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. 234 more words