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Drug Interaction (Interaksi Obat)

Oh, iya dibawah ini contoh mind map interaksi obat untuk beberapa obat hiperkolesterol, hipertrigliseridemia ataupun untuk mengurangi resiko serangan jantung, seperti: niacin, kolestiramin dan kolestipol. (Oh iya, penggunaan mind map interaksi obat ini terinspirasi dari salah satu teman saya ketika presentasi, saya tahunya dulu pernah baca di buku ensiklopedi pendidikan atau apa gitu sekilas dari Tony Buzan mengenai mind map ini, sekarang sudah ada aplikasinya saja, keren ^^a. 356 more words

Creativity and Learning

Picking up on my last post…

Across the public sector, in the professions, and in business “creativity” and “innovation” are buzz words of the day, and barely one passes without some… 584 more words

Learning Bitez

Economic Dictionaries

These subject based dictionaries are quite useful resources. Topical entries contain immediate links to related key concepts. So in this sense, it is lateral: akin to mindmaps.  306 more words



“Your brain is a mass consisting of 78 per cent water, 10 per cent fat and around 8 per cent protein. It weighs around 1.5 kilos and it looks rather like a walnut. 32 more words


IQ Tests and Self-enhancement

I’ve recently been reading some study books to help me perform better mentally. Whilst I already knew, in an abstract non-heuristic way that intelligence, like metabolism or fitness, is not defined at birth: you can change it with relative ease, I now know from experience how true that is. 245 more words


Does Study Affect Your Creativity?

Success favors the prepared mind. – Louis Pasteur

Where does creativity come from?  Some think it appears out of no where and some believe you are born creative.

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