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Red Letter Christianity

“There’s nothing simple about simple” is a quote I read today. It was a quote from a potter named Eric Landon, featured on Instagram making some genius “simple” (AKA clean-lined genius artworks/pottery things I’m not even stylish enough to comment on). 1,543 more words


Promoter of Same Sex Marriage, Tony Campolo, Welcomed At Nazarene Theological College

Tony Campolo was a recent featured speaker at Nazarene Theological College on May 17. This is very troubling in the long list of troubling signs regarding the future of the Church of the Nazarene. 1,234 more words


My Weaknesses, and My Intention for Lent Period and Reflection on Resurrection.

Part of the process of self-awareness is the understanding of one’s weaknesses and strengths. This month I learned a great deal about my weaknesses. I had decided to unplug and stay off social media and the telephone grid in recognition of the Lent period. 974 more words

When they sang Happy Birthday she wept

Tony Campolo is a sociologist who traveled to Hawaii. Because of the time change he found himself wide awake in the middle of the night, wandering the streets, and looking for somewhere to eat. 427 more words

The Up Devo

When the Evangelical Left and Theonomic Presbyterians Agree

Shane Claiborne mocks Jerry Falwell for tweeting this:

Jesus said love our neighbors as ourselves but never told Caesar how to run Rome-he never said Roman soldiers should turn the other cheek in battle or that Caesar should allow all the barbarians to be Roman citizens or that Caesar should tax the rich to help poor.

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Novus Ordo Seclorum

Who are you, o man?: A response to Welseyan interpretation of Romans 9

(This was written in response to a Facebook post by a friend of mine defending the Wesleyan interpretation of Romans 9)

About two weeks ago I was sitting in a Bible study when the minister brought up an issue that had come up in the news a while before that. 3,455 more words