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Grand Adventure!

Normally on my blog, I’m the one who tells the stories and spouts my opinion to anyone who will listen. Well, not today! Today I have a very special guest blogger. 1,072 more words


Sous Vide Redfish

There’s a really good reason that I don’t often cook fresh fish. There’s no fish where I live. Not edible fish, at least.

The closest fish source is the Gulf Coast, 700 land miles due south. 719 more words

Tony Chachere’s Bloody Mary Biscuits

Tony Chachere’s has become world-known for it’s Creole spice blend. The company, located in Opelousas, Louisiana, has expanded it’s brand to include dinner mixes, sandwich sauces, marinades, and even their very own Bloody Mary Mix. 144 more words


Easy Jambalaya Pasta Meal - Weight Watchers Friendly

My mother in law is the queen of ‘dressing up’ standard things off the shelf to make semi-homemade meals. Her Jambalaya is legendary! It’s so spicy and delicious, my husband loves it, and it is super filling. 186 more words

Weight Watchers

"Doctored Up" Gumbo

Note to self: when shopping for groceries after work, if I come across a container of frozen gumbo in the seafood section and think “hmm that would be something different and EASY” remember it will have to be “doctored up”. 659 more words


I’m not sure how it started–maybe on a Christmas eve when my mom didn’t have time to shop for stocking stuffers and just grabbed things at random from the kitchen–but now it’s a tradition that the Turner Christmas stocking includes: duct tape, packets of brown gravy, a can of Easy Cheese, and a can of Spam. 734 more words


Turkey Chili

My sweetheart of a man cooked up his BEST batch of chili yet! We’ve slowly been changing our diet for the better and some of these subtle transitions like using turkey in place of red meat has made everything not only taste better, but I FEEL better!   201 more words