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Day 647: Spider Woman's Daughter

In summary, ho hum. I think I’ve read all of Tony Hillerman’s Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee mysteries. I especially like Jim Chee, because he follows the Navajo Way, and I find the information about these customs and beliefs fascinating. 397 more words


Another Hillerman Navajo Mystery!

I do not remember when I first read a mystery by Tony Hillerman, but it was probably in the mid to late 1980s.  I do remember that he quickly became one of my favorite authors, and I voraciously read all of his 18 novels* that feature Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee, officers in the Navajo Tribal Police.  3,068 more words

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'Cause When It's All For One, It's One For All*

To a greater or lesser extent, cultures tend to be either collectivist or individualist. In collectivist cultures, the emphasis is on group membership and group achievement. 1,291 more words


Washington, DC

Road Works: Washington, DC

Dan Brown’s 2009 The Lost Symbol is a shoe-in for a novel that clearly features important landmarks of the Washington, DC, where reader-travelers can venture for first-hand experiences. 915 more words

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Dawn Drums wins Hillerman Award

I’ve long venerated Tony Hillerman’s writing, even before we met at a conference at Asilomar many years ago. I feel especially honored, therefore, that Dawn Drums was awarded the 2014 Tony Hillerman Award for Best Fiction by the New Mexico Book Awards. 8 more words

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You'll Learn Things You Never Knew You Never Knew*

One of the real benefits (at least to me) of reading is that sometimes, what we read challenges our beliefs and invites us to re-think them. 903 more words