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And I'll Have to Play the Game*

Most of us, I’d guess, have some relationships that we maintain out of duty, rather than out of a deep attachment to a person. We may visit relatives we aren’t really connected to, but know we should visit. 1,032 more words

Agatha Christie

To See the Total Eclipse of the Sun*

Yesterday (as this is posted), the US was treated to that astronomical rarity: a total solar eclipse. Scientists took full advantage of the opportunity to study that phenomenon, and so did teachers and professors and their classes. 1,038 more words

Agatha Christie

No.103 A Skinwalker is not a Zombie.

The exact quote is : ” Would you like some coffee? ” The quote is from the movie series Skinwalkers-The Navaho Mysteries.  “Shinwalker” Season 1. Episode 1. 565 more words

Smokin' Cigarettes and Writing Something Nasty on the Wall*

When most of us think of crimes, especially those featured in crime novels, we think of murder, rape, and other serious wrongdoing. And those are horrible things. 1,098 more words


Skyscapes and Anne Hillerman 

While driving back from Ridgway, Colorado to Phoenix, Arizona my husband and I listened to an audio CD of Song of the Lion by Anne Hillerman. 83 more words

Nothing Could be Longer Than that Corrugated Road*

There’s plenty of crime in cities and suburbia. We see it on the news, and we read about it in crime fiction, too. Large city police forces certainly have their hands full, and I’m sure you could list dozens and dozens of big-city crime novels and series. 1,012 more words


There'll be One Child Born and a World to Carry On*

One of the many things that parents do is pass on certain traditions to their children. That’s one important way in which culture is perpetuated, if you think about it. 1,035 more words