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Mini-Review: The Blessing Way (Navajo Mysteries #1) by Tony Hillerman

Now that I am obsessed with the Longmire books by Craig Johnson, I decided that I needed another similar series to read so that I don’t binge-finish Longmire with nothing left on my bookshelf. 75 more words


Once Upon a Time in the Land of Misty Satin Dreams*

Every culture has fairy tales and legends that are passed along from generation to generation. Because they’re such an integral part of our culture, it’s not surprising that fairy tales are woven into our daily references and allusions, too. 1,103 more words

Agatha Christie

You Can Bet That He's Doing it For Some Doll*

Love – or at least attraction – can make a person do some strange things. Sometimes those things end up being really beneficial. For instance, a smoker who falls in love with a non-smoker may find just the motivation needed to quit. 1,124 more words

Agatha Christie

The Sacred Lands

New Mexico’s Native peoples have sacred places on their land. The idea that the earth itself is a holy thing may resonate with people of all cultures—especially once they’ve experienced the spaciousness and silence of the desert. 184 more words

Behind The Stories: Inspirations And Encounters

Don't Believe Everything You Hear*

It’s only the beginning of September, but, at least in the US, there are already intense conversations going on about, ‘what to be for Hallowe’en.’ Even if you live in a country that doesn’t observe Hallowe’en, or you don’t observe it yourself, you may have been to a fancy dress/costume party. 968 more words


And I Know That You'll Use Them However You Want To*

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that authors often tap their own experiences and prior knowledge as they create new stories. That’s only natural if, as the research suggests, knowledge comes from associating new things with what we already know. 1,178 more words


Hope There's Someone Who'll Take Care of Me*

One of the most difficult decision adults have to make is arranging for the care of elderly parents when those parents are no longer in a position to care for themselves. 1,170 more words

Agatha Christie