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Teach Me to Be More Adaptive*

Species do best when they can adapt to their surroundings. Species that don’t develop adaptations don’t tend to survive. That’s a basic part of the explanation for a lot of phenomena, from humans’ opposable thumbs to the spines on a cactus. 1,077 more words

Agatha Christie

Looking For the New World*

One of the factors that’s shaped our lives in profound ways has been what I’ll call cultural domination. It’s also been called empire-building, imperialism, and expansionism, among other things. 1,246 more words


A Library Under Western Skies: UNM

As we approach our observance of National Library Week, April 10-16, let’s visit another western American library.

A couple of years ago, The Counselor and I returned to one of our favorite parts of the American west, New Mexico. 660 more words


We Are the Secret Society*

Secret societies have been a part of several cultures for a long time. They take many different forms, too, from criminal societies to religious societies to more esoteric groups. 986 more words

Agatha Christie

NIGHT PASSAGE was featured on The Lineup. The Lineup is a very popular website devoted to true crime and horror.


Yours is so Distinctive*

The thing about crime fiction is that there’s a lot of it. Every year, new novels are released, too. All of this means that nobody can read all of the crime fiction that’s out there. 956 more words

Agatha Christie