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Hope There's Someone Who'll Take Care of Me*

One of the most difficult decision adults have to make is arranging for the care of elderly parents when those parents are no longer in a position to care for themselves. 1,170 more words

Agatha Christie

It's Who You Know*

Most of us are members of social networks, whether we really think about it or not. And it’s sometimes surprising how those networks come up. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve ever said (or heard) something like this: ‘You went to ? 1,246 more words

Agatha Christie

Four Corners and Tony Hillerman Novels

I came across an article about the Four Corners and Tony Hillerman today. Have you ever wondered about the Four Corners Region of the US?  I’ve been across the “X” a few times.   50 more words


Like father, like daughter

When I learned that the daughter of the late mystery writer Tony Hillerman had stepped up and written a novel featuring the same Southwest landscape and the same Navajo characters as her famous dad, I didn’t know what to think. 494 more words

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I've Come to Look For America*

When you travel in the US, you see one thing very clearly: America is composed of a lot of very different communities. Of course, many other countries are quite diverse, and have all sorts of different smaller communities within them. 1,038 more words


"Endless Miles..."

When I head west, I think of space.

Since I’m from the east, I’m used to a lack of thereof. Space to move, think, breathe. “Western writing, to me, “award-winning mystery writer Tony Hillerman says, “is when you’re flying from the east and clouds block the view. 35 more words

But the Cowboy and the Rancher Knew His Name*

Many people find a real appeal in what I’ll call Westerns, whether books, film or television. Even if you don’t care for them yourself, you no doubt know that they have a strong following. 1,289 more words