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New Mexico Mystery Author Interview: Anne Hillerman

Last week I reviewed Rock with Wings by Anne Hillerman. She is an award-winning reporter, the author of several non-fiction books, and the daughter of… 1,947 more words

Behind The Stories: Inspirations And Encounters

My Fantasy Tool Kit (8): Butt Out!

If you ever want to write a fantasy novel–or any other kind of novel, for that matter–that’ll be sheer torture to read, be sure to make a thinly-disguised version of yourself the hero of the story. 401 more words

Fantasy Criticism

Sandra Bolton's "Key Witness" Weaves a Tale of Suspense in a Southwest Setting

Sandra Bolton’s novels are based on her real-life experience with diverse settings and cultures. Her first novel, A Cipher in the Sand, was inspired by her work in the Peace Corps in Honduras, while  1,495 more words

Author Interview

Make of Our Hearts One Heart*

All couples have to make adjustments; it’s what happens when two different people share their lives. That’s especially true of intercultural couples. They face the same issues as other couples, and they have to bridge sometimes vast cultural gaps. 1,044 more words

Agatha Christie

It's No Good, There's No Way Out*

In Agatha Christie’s The Hollow, Hercule Poirot investigates the shooting death of Harley Street specialist Dr. John Christow, who was spending the weekend at the country home of Sir Henry and Lady Lucy Angkatell when he was killed. 996 more words

Agatha Christie

Mystery on the Rez

Too many years have passed for me to remember when I began reading Tony Hillerman’s mystery novels about the Navajo Tribal Police or even how many of his books I’ve read. 476 more words

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The art of listening

Whenever I’m asked what qualities do I like in a person, I always respond, “Someone who is a good listener.”

Few things annoy me more than someone who talks incessantly, barely pausing to let you into the conversation. 264 more words

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