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Peace, love, unity, Respect

PLUR was the mantra of how people should carry themselves and behave both at raves and in life.

Imagine you walking in to your office or home where you see: 107 more words

Internal Memo: Zappos is offering severance to employees who aren't all in with Holacracy

On March 24, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh shared with employees a companywide memo stating that it would more aggressively pursue self-organization and is offering employees severance to quit, giving them until April 30 to opt in or out.  4,946 more words

Las Vegas Downtown Project On the Decline?

Some bad news coming out of Tony Hsieh’s Las Vegas ambitious Downtown Project (DTP). Hsieh, the Zappos.com CEO, handed over the reigns of the project last year and is now selling off a ton of the properties he acquired in his attempt to create a utopian city on the outskirts of the Vegas strip. 218 more words


This radio segment will tell you exactly why Vegas' Downtown Project hasn't delivered on its promises

This week I was a guest on Las Vegas public radio’s State of Nevada to talk about the ongoing state of the Downtown Project. For some time, I was going back and forth to Vegas for my husband’s work so I had some insight then. 742 more words


Book Review: Delivering Happiness

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Title & Author: Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by Tony Hsieh
Genre: Business, Customer Service… 1,292 more words


Twelfth Post - Zappos

I could write to you about Amazon’s acquisition until I acquired a blue face. Amazon leverages their massive capital by purchasing established internet and physical retailers to take advantage of their distribution centers, marketing channels, and any and all other aspects instead of going through the tedious task of building their own from scratch. 287 more words

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Inspiring Monday - Dreams come first!

If you are happy with your work, when you try to make your dreams come true- everything else will come to you in the right time! 20 more words

Inspiring Monday