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ACTION REWIND: Gary Daniels and Company Deliver Bone Breaking Martial Arts Mayhem in BLOODMOON!

By: John M Jerva

This weekend, I was suppoosed to attend the Boston Ace Comic Con but due to circumstances I’m sure you’re all aware of it was cancelled so I had an extra day off work to enjoy some great films. 816 more words


CREED II’s Florian Munteanu Rumored for Villain Duties In the MCU’s SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS

By: John M Jerva

There’s a rumor swirling around that Creed II’s strongman Florian Munteanu is up for a villain role in the upcoming MCU martial arts epic… 260 more words


Something about Christopher

Doyle that is. Christopher Doyle. He’s one of the world’s best cinematographers and a sassy interview with him came out at The Film Stage a few weeks before last Christmas. 289 more words

The Grandmaster (2013)

I found this in a charity shop when I was looking for something totally unrelated and thought since I so enjoyed In the Mood for Love  551 more words



May 12, 2009

The summer behemoths are upon us, and it’s impossible to look away. They leer at us from every billboard and fast food collector’s cup, daring us to ignore them and get shut out of the pop-culture conversation. 1,092 more words


[REVIEW] Chungking Express 重庆森林

Wong Kar-Wai’s 1994 film remains one of my most favourite films of all time. It was shot while Wong took a break from his wuxia… 1,834 more words

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