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David Bowie - The Hysteria, the Sorrow, the Frustration and the Hope

This is my article on David Bowie in Christian Today   – it is slightly amended because I wanted to tidy up a couple of things.  The article came as a result of a conversation with my wife, Annabel, as she gave me a lift down to the church.   1,466 more words

Christian Today

The Slaughter Man by Tony Parsons - A Review

The sequel to Tony Parsons’ The Murder Bag was a book I had been looking to read for quite a long while. Having absolutely devoured The Murder Bag at the beginning of last year, I was eager to dive into the next installment of the DC Max Wolfe series and in many ways I wasn’t disappointed. 287 more words


I Fall To Pieces

When I, the separate self, take an honest look at my makeup, I fall to pieces. All I see, all I find, are fragments. Nothing of any substance can I call my own. 101 more words


Je Suis Tory Scum

The hysterical left will always call conservatives “Tory scum” and hate us with a blind, unthinking rage. It’s time to stop cowering at their attacks and apologising for our values… 2,121 more words

UK Politics

Bookstore work experience

Beeing a bookworm, I always wondered how it would be working at a bookstore. Now, passing my last few months at school before the final exams, I have to look around for what I could do after. 334 more words


What It Means To Be Spiritual

It’s really easy to get lost in the enthralling and somewhat mentally addictive world of spirituality. It’s easy to spot an addict too, as they wrap themselves in objects made of hemp, quote the Dali Lama, extol the virtues of veganism, and live in a haze of otherworldly existence (aka a giant cloud of bong smoke). 395 more words


'the time has come to quit this failed experiment. Goodbye EU, hello world...'

‘the time has come to quit this failed experiment. Goodbye EU, hello world…’

Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins – Greg_L-W.


Why we should leave the EU… 2,796 more words

Greg Lance-Watkins