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East End Tales.

Cold rain was sticking to my face; maybe it was trying to wash my bad make up which made me look like a lovechild of Joker and Alice Cooper or maybe it was trying to wake me up from a trance. 397 more words

What The Fuck

PAPERBACK PICK ... The Hanging Club

Tony Parsons has created an intriguing character in the shape of DC Max Wolfe, and Thursday sees the paperback release of his London based thriller, … 233 more words


Biblioterapia, czyli książka krzepi!

Biblioterapia jako taka znana jest terapeutom od dawna. Po I wojnie światowej przepisywano książki osobom z traumą. Po II wojnie żołnierze cierpiący na zespół stresu pourazowego dostawali od lekarzy listę lektur. 640 more words

O Czytaniu

THE POSTMAN DELIVERS ...Ewens, Kavanagh & Parsons

Dear God, I hate the winter and all its dismal,dripping, dank, defeated dreariness. (enough alliteration already! – Editor) In my youth, distant though it now is, I was a great fan of the stories of Billy Bunter, written by the wonderful Frank Richards, aka Charles Hamilton. 840 more words


Tony Parsons treated unfaithfulness like the norm for men and it stung

He (Tony Parsons) might not know it but I judged this book by the perception that the author did not make a big deal out of the unfaithful act of the main character. 537 more words


Prose as spare as Robert Parker's at his best

This is one of those annoying books that leaves you wrestling with your own conscience, because you spend most of it rooting for the wrong guys. 292 more words


The Slaughter Man by Tony Parsons

5 Stars from me

I really enjoyed this. I don’t know if there was less shmaltz than The Murder Bag or if I just didn’t notice it as much, but either way I thought this was a great read. 290 more words

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