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Getting There is Half the Battle

It seems to me that once I get to my writing, everything is fine. As I wrote about in one of my previous posts, it’s not the writing part (so far) that is the problem, it’s theĀ GETTING THERE part that dooms me. 1,638 more words


Tony Robbins, hot coals and being in "peak state"

Last year I attended one of Tony Robbins’ events in Sydney, “Unleash the Power Within” or UPW for short. It was truly a transforming experience. 4 intense days of insane energy and discovering a new side of myself. 505 more words


If you have the slightest bit of doubt...

If you have the slightest bit of doubt, your manifestations will not come to fruition. You must believe with every fiber of your being that which you are wanting to manifest.
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My Message

Time is Emotion

This is one of the most profound statements that I have heard (thank you, Tony Robbins!). We have all heard of adages, Time is money and variations thereof! 181 more words


Getting Back on the Horse

Self-doubt is my enemy, I have a life of doubt and lack of confidence, I do not understand what has led me down this path. My natal chart (I am heavily interested in the art of astrology) predicts I am easily influenced by others, that I will be challenged with the the indecision of choosing what is important to me over what is important to my social circle. 1,513 more words


It is in your moments ...

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. ~ Tony Robbins