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Specific Goals and Hitting Them

Goals.  How do you hit them?  How do you place them within sane and profitable range?  How do you avoid the extremes of setting the bar too low—being unchallenged and bored—and shooting unrealistically high (and being discouraged and defeated)?  440 more words


Keeping young children rooted in natural reality, Part 1: examining my own thoughts and habits around technology, followed by some resources every parent and teacher should check out (linked in post).

** if you don’t have time to read this long and ranty post, the resources are separated out at the bottom, with links. Scroll down, no hard feelings if you don’t read all of this!** 2,466 more words

Obstacle Planning 101

There I was sitting at the edge of the runway, watching my student pilot make her first attempt at a solo landing.

It took a lot of mindset and skill set training to get her to that day, and I was a little nervous watching her come in on final approach for the first time. 692 more words

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Your Power of Decision

Your Power of Decision

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Embrace the power of mindset within you, for the power of your mind will set you free. 46 more words


The Magic of CNI

I am currently listening to a Tony Robbins podcast and he speaks about the importance of CNI in becoming successful in anything we do.  Whether it’s career, an exercise regime, losing weight, having good relationships – it doesn’t matter what area of life you are working on. 331 more words


The Dream Life.

What does it take to be happy?


A lifetime of wisdom in under 6 minutes.

“We’re all rewarded in public for what we’re practiced continuously in private.”