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Meditators Diet 2

Years ago when my cousin was first diagnosed with arthymic heart beat I turned to Dr. Dean Ornish’s book on reversing heart disease.

Chosen by Forbes as “one of the seven most powerful teachers in the world”, Dr. 153 more words

T is for Today (part 2)

Here’s what I notice. Whenever I speak with my son about his addiction issues, I discover that pretty much every question I ask him is one that also applies to me. 477 more words

What Was I Talking About Again? - Episode 1 - Eliminating Negative Behaviour

Great, another podcast. Just what we needed. It’s called WWITAA, or What Was I Talking About Again?

Why I think this podcast’ll be different: It’s a secret… 299 more words


Tony Robbins TED Talk

A great 20 minute talk looking at why we do what we do – well worth the time.


What is the most persuasive?

By Anders Christian Hjort

The ongoing behavioural research we do at Huthwaite International clearly supports the essence in Tony’s statement 1. above.

But was Tony’s statement persuasive to you? 50 more words


A Key Principle that Successful Entrepreneurs Follow that You May Not be Grasping

Hey guys, so this is my very first blog post on this website and I thank you all in advance for checking it out.

I’ve been lucky enough over the last few years to be mentored by some incredibly successful and amazing people within the industry i’m in, and i’m very passionate about passing on some of the nuggets of gold and principles I have learned over the years as I know there are many people out there searching for more in life, but just need that little bit of guidance as I did. 53 more words


How to Change Your Bad Habits and Behaviors For Good

Changing a bad habit or behavior is difficult enough. Making those changes stick can be even more challenging. If approached correctly, however, it is possible to replace old habits and beliefs with more empowering ones. 3,524 more words