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BACK AGAIN: Here Comes Diddy’s Making the Band Reboot

Diddy and MTV are collaborating again for “Making The Band.” The series will premiere in 2020 and a global casting call officially begins today. Diddy announced it on social media. 187 more words

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SECURE THE BAG: Patti LaBelle Adds Another Food Line To Her Empire

Patti LaBelle has again partnered with Walmart for a soul food frozen food line. “Coming soon to a Walmart near you, you’ll have my savory foods,” Patti told the crowd at Essence Fest. 211 more words

KAP: Black Pastors Come for Colin Kaepernick

The Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) aren’t here for what they call Colin Kaepernick’s “hard Left anti-American politics.” They are calling on Nike to end its relationship with Kap. 301 more words

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CONGRATS: Tiffany Haddish is Granted Eritrean Citizenship

Tiffany Haddish is officially a dual citizen with Eritrea, the birthplace of her father. He moved to the U.S., as a refugee before she was born. 177 more words

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FEEL BETTER: TLC Cancels Tonight's Performance Due To Illness

TLC had to cancel a performance in Sacramento at the Stanislaus County Fair because Chilli is sick. Chilli posted, “It breaks my heart to tell our fans that we have to cancel our performance tonight at Sacramento because I lost my voice and my dr has me on strict voice rest. 167 more words

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REAL TALK: Jill Scott Addresses the Cucumber Challenge

After a concert moment of her own went viral, Jill Scott is addressing the cucumber challenge. Lots of women, mostly younger, have accepted the cucumber challenge. 126 more words

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WHO KNEW: Randy Jackson Says Tina Turner Once Shot Him

Michael Jackson’s little brother said it happened over his then-girlfriend, Bernadette. Bernadette was Tina’s assistant for 22 years. Randy says he went to Tina’s house and walked in on her and Bernadette “acting a little too affectionate toward each other.” Randy confirmed the story on Twitter after being asked about it. 258 more words

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