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Tony in the sky, with Pizza

In typical Batom® fashion, today’s strip is nothing but more of yesterday’s scribble – does anyone really need to be told that a “pizza drone” is intended to deliver pizza? 82 more words

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drone, [v] 3. To proceed monotonously

HeyItsDave here, taking a break from playing Pokemon Go long enough to mock the Westview simpletons.

Today’s strip is ripped directly from the headlines of…what, November 2015, right? 114 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky

L.Fic : How to Be Vampire 101 #1 [Stony]

How to Be Vampire 101 : Stranger

Paring : Stony

Rate : PG-15, AU, Fantasy

Note : AU Vampire อยากเห็นโทนี่เป็นแวมไพร์ค่ะ คิดไว้ถ้ามีฉากงับคอสตีฟคงเป็นอะไรที่พอร์นมากแน่ๆ /กดข้าม/ นี่เปิดเรื่องด้วยแอลกอฮอล์ เข้ากับ W10 ของ #Heroอาทิตย์ละครั้ง พอดีเลย หวังว่าจะชอบกันนะ <3… 78 more words


Unfinished character sheets: Tony

Some time ago I was planning on doing some decent character sheets for the projects I’m trying to develop, so I structured them iin different sections to have a very complete reference sheet in case of necessity. 177 more words

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一直以來,外在世界的人, 特別是MARIA和TONY,當他們希望,我成為他們希望我成為的人,做他們想我做的事情。他們都用某些方法,主要是內疚感(貼標籤)。還有,合理化、理性化

● MARIA ● TONY ● 弄清楚 ● 內疚感 ● 合理化 ● 整理

一直以來,外在世界的人, 特別是MARIA和TONY,當他們希望,我成為他們希望我成為的人,做他們想我做的事情。他們都用某些方法,主要是內疚感(貼標籤)。




Here's how to get your account verified on Twitter

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

That little blue checkmark next to a Twitter handle has long been held in high esteem. 

Originally reserved for the likes of Tony Hawk, San Francisco 311 and NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center, the checkmark, which denotes a verified account, has become a status symbol — but it’s long been a mystery as to how exactly one attained the coveted blue check.  387 more words