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In the Quiet

I stand on the edge of the ocean without moving.

The four are running around like crazy people; no path to follow, no agenda to keep. 655 more words


[SF] MCU: Taste of You (Strange/Stark)

Paring: Stephen Strange x Tony Stark

Rating: PG

🚨 Warning 🚨: Show a little bit of detail in Avengers Infinity War

เริ่มต้นจากเขียนเป็น Drabble จบด้วยการแต่งเป็น Short Fiction เน้นกาวล้วนๆ หาสาระและความจริงจังไม่ได้ 17 more words


Kellogg’s and Horatio Magellan: An introduction to a Comparison of Cereal Mascots and the Holy Spirit

At the turn of the year 1863, the first breakfast cereal was created. Granula couldn’t  have guessed what their measly simple cereal would spawn. 40 some odd years later, the Kellogg’s brother would concoct something the world had never seen. 755 more words


Punky! 15/5/18 - PGOTW don't last forever!

Goopa! Goopa!


Punky!’s here again with more top tracks and balderdash so best we let Tony tell you all about it…


“As we put this years Eurovision behind us, we refocus towards the upcoming world cup… that’s a fair wait so in the meantime lets get on with bringing you nine great songs from Bloodcocks UK, Deathsex Bloodbath, ASTPAI, Chronic Twilight, Altered Images, Bouquet Of Dead Crows, Forever Unclean, Punka and The Hard Toms. 157 more words

Punky Radio

Revisiting 13 Reasons Why Season 1; Justice for Zach.

The room was filled with a quiet tension, the silence smothering us for we knew what was happening. Intermittent sounds from the television cut the eerie silence but they were not pleasant.  857 more words


My Interview with an Immortal - #3 My Inner Demons

Hello Universe, My name is Tale Teller Tony, Teller of Tales! Last week we talked with my spirit guide who has all the same characteristics of an owl, which looks good on them by the way. 937 more words

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