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New Career Path??!

To the mall, to pick out a Tony’s dress!

Girl Talk

Day Twenty

What a day! We were up early to check out of Tony’s, as Lauren had another crap night’s sleep ‘cos the mozzie net is riddled with holes, the sheet keeps pinging off the mattress, and she has a slightly irrational hatred of the building which means she just lays there stewing in anger. 1,326 more words

Day Nineteen

Went to see the other hotel today, so had to go down the rabies road again. The place we saw last night that was closed wasn’t even it. 543 more words

Day Eighteen

Had a sweet ten hours last night. We just wanted a chill day today so I kinda pottered on the internet and said Hi to people on Messenger until Lauren got up. 369 more words

Lea Salonga - High Quality Singing

Today, I’m not gonna cook however, I’m going to tell you a story about my most recent experience of having the privilege of watching a very very talented Filipino Singer perform at the Sydney Opera house. 412 more words

"Merlin" at the Tonys!

It’s a Merlin kind of Monday here at “The Doug Henning Project!”

In my You Tube travels, I came across this excellent musical clip from the 1983 Tony Awards featuring the “It’s About Magic” number from Merlin.  24 more words

Doug Henning

Women in the Arts and Media

Representation is important.

Women representation is important. POC representation is important. LGBT+ representation is important.

As a straight, white woman living in Canada, I am fully aware of the privileges I have and this might not be my place to make comments. 878 more words