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Ok so that episode from shameless where Ian goes berserk and kidnap svytlanas baby really got me, it showed the soft and vulnerable side of mickey that we rarely ever see in him, the way he fidgets over Ian, calling him every minute, asking and begging for Ian to comeback,(😍 I can’t even!) don’t even get me started on that scene when the cops finally apprehended Ian, Mickey with lip and Debbie drove over to the police station to pick him up, and mickey as seen on the above picture , was already decided to give Ian the help he needed which means that both would be separating again but this time it’s Ian who’d be going behind bars (a psychiatric facility). 102 more words


Smoked duck pizza

Occasionally I will yearn for pizza. I was heartbroken when Manhattan Pizza Company closed.
I found Tony’s Pizza in Bugis Junction. The prices are reasonable. But I have some reservations. 208 more words


San Francisco (part deux)

Day 2
So we’ve been pretty zonked since we got into San Fran. We had just came from Vegas and I think it finally hit us. 1,070 more words


I have issues

Realizations of the day:
1) The Tony’s are far more important to me than the Oscars
2) Disney movies are my version of being involved in a team sport