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A Note For When I'm Famous

So, a terrible past time I have is thinking of all the cool things I could do if my books became the next big thing. I mean, I’m imagining myself as the next J.K. 484 more words


Tony's Beef Noodle: A Very Greasy Meal

Why did I decide to get Taiwanese beef noodles? Well, I always drive by Tony’s Beef Noodle when I head home from work and I was curious as to what it looked like on the inside. 284 more words


'It Shoulda Been You' Sets Closing Date!

It Shoulda Been You, the musical about getting married, is about to get divorced. Okay, maybe that metaphor didn’t make a lot of sense, but you get what we’re trying to say. 226 more words

Tony has started a new relationship with his ex

They began dating each other like two new people meeting and getting to know each other better.

Over the next few weeks, Tony's receives a great review from the local newspaper

Tony’s is still open and has a very good reputation in the neighborhood. Gordon revisits and is impressed.

The service slows down and customers begin to complain

Alexia gets angry and tells Giovanni she is ashamed of him. Gordon congratulates Alexia for having the perfect reaction and takes the time to tell her that she and Tony cannot work together unless something is done.