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Change Your Banking Behavior: Move Your ASS-ets

When we first moved to Rockland County in 1969, we became satisfied customers of Empire Trust, whose main branch was in Middletown, NY. Who knew it had already merged with Bank of New York in 1966? 424 more words

How to Cure Too Big To Fail

The Dodd-Frank Act’s worthy objectives were to improve the safety, resilience, efficiency, and transparency of our financial system. Yet the law has drastically diminished the credit available to low-income Americans – the very people it was supposed to help. 743 more words

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Only One Bank Was Indicted For Mortgage Fraud Tied To The 2008 Collapse -- And It Was Innocent

If you’ve walked Canal St. in lower Manhattan’s Chinatown, you’ve probably passed by the modest headquarters of Abacus Federal Savings, a family run community bank that has served New York City’s Chinese immigrant population for more than three decades. 1,823 more words

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New Bailouts Prove ‘Too Big to Fail’ Is Alive and Well | WSJ

By Neel Kashkari:

Three strikeouts in four at bats would be barely acceptable in baseball. For a policy designed to prevent taxpayer bailouts, it’s an undeniable defeat.

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Give and Take: on Jeff Koons mastering contractual and statutory relationships with other artists

By Madeleine Conlin*

Contemporary blue-chip artist and controversial figure Jeff Koons has long been known for developing concepts, then leaving the implementation of his designs to studio assistants to execute the vision. 3,099 more words


The End Of Dodd-Frank: Requiem For Reformism

Back around the time when I first started this blog, I predicted that the next president following Obama would sign into law a repeal of most, if not all, of… 1,764 more words

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Financial Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Top 25 U.S. Banks Have $222 Trillion Of Exposure To Derivatives

The recklessness of the “too big to fail” banks almost doomed them the last time around, but apparently they still haven’t learned from their past mistakes.  234 more words