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PwC discusses Resolution: Single point of entry strategy ascends

The release last week of public summaries of the resolution plans submitted by the 12 largest financial institutions operating in the US reveal more insight into the institutions’ resolution strategies than ever before, including the strategy for each of their most important subsidiaries (“material entities”). 3,805 more words

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Jessica Williams is BRILLIANT. And so are the writers on the Daily Show.

Jessica Williams: the Daily Show’s best and brightest, IMHO.

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and meeting the goal.  People want a job without politics. There is no job without politics. Husband and wife, parents and children. Hirer and consultant. Yes, my husband and I have had the same job in different circumstances. 440 more words


The Gangbanksters of Grab-it-All Street

‘…..the banking industry…is the most guarded and powerful oligopoly of all….[t]he legitimacy of this cartel on the one hand, and American hegemony on the other, are two of the chief tenets of orthodox western ideology: all western practitioners of the social sciences that wish to advance in the incumbent power structure know that these are never to be questioned overtly – i.e.

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A Question or Two

Do you ever wonder, like I occasionally do, why it is that the leaders behind the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, like the leaders of the mega-institutions behind the financial collapse and largest hit to the economy since the Great Depression, have never been held accountable? 188 more words


Something big and bad will happen to the bond market within 6 months

…regardless of what the US government is doing, why would these two banks make such a huge long-term investment in physical gold bullion bars? Perhaps, we are seeing a “Big Long,” similar to the “Big Short” Goldman Sachs is known to have taken in 2006/07. 405 more words

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Too Nice to Lead

We have heard the phrase “too big to fail” in the context of companies that are so big and so tied to the economy of a country that their failure would have disastrous national consequences. 460 more words