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Too Big To Fail (2011)

Too Big To Fail is a dramatisation of the 2008 banking crisis that attempts to explain the situation in terms the layman can understand.

In this it is successful, thanks to smart scripting and an excellent cast and any right-minded person cannot help but be infuriated as to how it all arose; the story is essentially that of a group of entitled, rich men in suits who gambled away the entire economy for the sake of their own quick and easy profit, enabled by a complicit establishment who were either too weak or self-serving to say no to them. 105 more words


Too Big To Fail: A Call for States’ Rights

In the wake of the 2008 crisis came the realization that our financial system is teetering on the brink, at the mercy of banks that are… 629 more words

Trump Could Hold Key to Fermi’s UFO Paradox

Forget illegal aliens. The Trump ascent could explain why we’re not overrun by extraterrestrials.

In two months Donald Trump will gain the ability to singlehandedly destroy the human race. 261 more words

Too Big To Fail

Too Big to Fool: Moral Hazard, Bailouts, and Corporate Responsibility

There is an increasing worldwide focus on trying to end the problem of “too big to fail” (“TBTF”). Regulators are concerned that systemically important financial firms might engage in excessive risk-taking because they would profit from a success and be bailed out by the government in case of a failure. 1,453 more words

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The Limits of Meritocracy

Give me a Brahmin over a Quant any day.

by Christopher Orlet, from The American Spectator

IN HIS classic study Democracy in America (1835), Alexis de Tocqueville described what he believed was a true meritocracy at work. 583 more words

Who Was Behind the 2008 Financial Crash? US Aristocracy’s Immunity From Prosecution. Proposal to Hold Top Level Wall Street “Crooks” Accountable

For the very first time, on October 25th, a high federal official, the “SIGTARP” or Special Inspector General for the TARP program that bailed out the largest financial institutions and their top investors after the 2008 economic crash, is now making a specific proposal to hold the top-level crooks accountable for the incentive-systems they had put into place motivating their employees to pump-and-dump ‘investments’ during the growth-phase of the ‘free market’ Ponzi game that existed since 2000 when the end of the FDR-era Glass-Steagall Act and the start of totally unregulated financial marketeering went wild after 2005 and came crashing down in 2008. 1,954 more words

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MetLife Is Set for a Rematch with the Feds over 'Too Big to Fail'

The U.S. government and the country’s largest life insurer are set for a rematch in a U.S. appeals court on Monday over how federal regulators decide a company is “too big to fail,” one of the most significant reforms to come out of the financial crisis. 511 more words