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MARTY MAKARY: The ObamaCare Effect -- Hospital Monopolies

Wall Street Journal: Last year saw 95 hospital mergers and acquisitions, a frenzy encouraged by the Affordable Care Act.

During the 2008 financial crisis, “too big to fail” became a familiar phrase in the U.S. 73 more words


FDIC Chief Reveals Global Capital Index

To illustrate this point, a colleague and I at the FDIC have constructed the Global Capital Index, which shows the tangible capital levels for each of the largest global banking firms and the average levels for different size groups of US banks.

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Providing Regulatory Relief for Main Street Banks

The major congressional response to the Financial Crisis was the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act in 2010, putting many restrictions on U.S. financial institutions in hopes of ending “too big to fail.”  The problem is that the new regulations often apply to the many low risk, traditional, main street banks which did not cause the financial crisis.  277 more words

Jack Heidel

Rethinking Economics: reappraisal of too-big-to-fail

In Rethinking Economics: secular stagnation I introduced the idea that the asset risk preference of savers, as well as the aggregate level of saving, is important in keeping growth of GDP at potential. 1,109 more words


Lunch with Mr. Moynihan

As I sit here working on my investment pitch for Bank of America for the SMIF class, I can’t imagine a better person to have lunch with right now than Bank of America’s CEO, Mr. 354 more words


How Big is the Economic Bomb? Big, Very Big

In the after math of the 2008 crisis, and after “We the People” bailed out the “Too Big to Fail Banks” to the tune of over $14 Trillion dollars, our CONgress vowed they would never let that happen again. 1,447 more words

Economic Crisis

Iceland and reform of the Monetary System

The Prime Minister of Iceland commissioned a report of reform of the monetary system of Iceland which can be accessed here (http://bit.ly/1GKFklF). The key recommendation is the… 1,252 more words