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Deutsche is walking dead, but may not fall

When the markets question the viability of a financial institution, then that firm is toast.

The capital markets were the ultimate forum for picking winners and losers, that was until 2008, when the term “Too Big To Fail” came into vogue. 237 more words


Too Big and Unable to Fail

Financial regulation after the Dodd-Frank Act was enacted in 2010 has produced a blizzard of acronyms, many of which revolve around the basic “too big to fail” problem.  912 more words

The Dodd-Frank Act

A Matter of Responsibility

A hallmark of community banking is accountability. Community bankers are held accountable to their customers because they live and work in the same neighborhoods. As locally based institutions with a stake in the prosperity of their communities, community bankers simply can’t afford to take advantage of their customers. 439 more words

Community Banks

Why Deutsche Can't Bank on Germany in Fight with U.S.

Zu gross, um Pleite zu gehen” doesn’t have quite the same ring as “Too Big to Fail”, but, eight years on, the phrase might finally be catching on in Germany. 809 more words


Wells Fargo Fraud Evidences Troubling Trend.

Recent news of the massive fraud perpetuated by thousands of Wells Fargo employees exposes troubling trends with America’s great institutions. According to multiple reports the company opened up more than 2 million fake accounts for customers who did not request them. 674 more words


Too Big

There should be absolutely no need for the phrase, “too big to fail.” If a corporation is too big to fail, then it is too big. 229 more words