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Avoiding the next Financial Meltdown

In a previous article, we discussed the problem with banks guaranteeing fixed deposits while actually investing the money into speculative, long-term ventures, and how such an arrangement naturally… 998 more words

Featured Story: Big Banks Plead Guilty to Rigging World Currencies

Five of the world’s top banks have pleaded guilty to manipulating the prices of world currencies and interest rates, the most serious financial crime one can possibly commit. 353 more words

News Snapshot Of The Day

Corporate Welfare in 15 Memes

Corporate welfare is a term that analogizes corporate subsidies to welfare payments for the poor,


Something's Brewing: #28

We won’t have to worry about world war three if the economy collapses, and it looks like the collapse may be coming soon:

Larger Than Ever, Big Banks Poised to Fail Again…

527 more words
Political/Social Issues

Bernanke trains his guns on Elizabeth Warren

Ben Bernanke spent eight years as chairman of the Federal Reserve, and during that time he faced withering criticism from both the right and the left. 666 more words


J.P. Morgan: Taking on more risk than it can handle?

If J.P. Morgan’s board can’t stand the fire, they should get out of the kitchen.

On May 19, in Detroit, J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon and members of his longstanding board-level entourage will meet with shareholders. 818 more words