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Dodd-Frank at five, with Elizabeth Warren, Americans for Financial Reform (video, petition)

The Story of Dodd-Frank at 5 with Elizabeth Warren and Americans for Financial Reform

Published on Jul 21, 2015

We invite you to watch this video about the Dodd-Frank Act, share it with friends and family, and then Take Action: Fight for Financial Reform and Defend Dodd-Frank! 52 more words

Governor Lael Brainard on Dodd-Frank at Five: Assessing Progress on Too Big to Fail

If there is one simple lesson from the crisis that we all can embrace, it is that no financial institution in America should be so big or complex that its failure would put the financial system at risk. 4,064 more words

Finance & Economics

What’s the Value of a TBTF Guaranty? Evidence from the G-SII Designation for Insurance Companies

Since AIG’s bailout in September 2008, the role of large, complex insurance firms in the global financial system has received much attention. Concern about the global operations, interconnectedness, and non-traditional activities of these large firms prompted the Financial Stability Board to formally designate 9 life and full insurance firms in six countries as Global-Systemically Important Insurers (G-SII) in July 2013. 870 more words

Corporate Governance

American Politics: Who’s The Fiscal Conservative?

Sometimes, in American politics, it can be very disconcerting to notice the jarring differences between the “spin” of public relations and the reality of public policy. 443 more words

Government Policy

Is Financial Regulation the Answer?

The Good Ole Days

The financial crisis of 2008 was a scary time in the U.S. Although the early half of Gen-Y had a hard time getting a job after graduation, a large portion of millennials didn’t really suffer feelings of despair, since most were still in their teens and early 20s. 1,019 more words

Who benefits from the implicit subsidy to ‘too big to fail’ banks?

Rhiannon Sowerbutts and Peter Zimmerman

Governments have often supported troubled banks whose failure would damage the wider economy. The expectation of such bailouts amounts to free insurance for those who have lent money to these ‘too big to fail’ (TBTF) banks. 1,541 more words