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Senate Passes Bill Easing Dodd-Frank Rules For Banks

WASHINGTON (CBSDFW.COM/AP) – The U.S. Senate has passed bipartisan legislation easing bank rules that were enacted after the financial crisis to prevent a relapse.

The Senate voted 67-31 for a bill from Republican Senator Mike Crapo of Idaho that would scale back provisions of the law known as Dodd-Frank. 91 more words


Thar Be Giants Amongst Us

Yes, we’ve allowed some businesses to become “too big”. In today’s business climate, the behemoth businesses are gobblying up all the smaller businesses that compete with them, giving these giants power beyond what we’ve seen in the past. 154 more words

Current Events

Where were the Christians?

Yet again a large corporation has proven itself to be “too big to manage”.

In 2008, the banks were “too big to fail” and the Scottish Christian Party warned about corporations which were “too big to manage”.  505 more words


Ingredient LABELING

You think you’re too big to fail. You think you don’t have to tell the customer what’s in the food product they’re buying with your company name on it? 379 more words


Ebenezer Scrooge and Human Alienation

With a quarter of children now in poverty and a record million food parcel handouts, seven years of austerity have contributed to the return of Dickensian conditions in Britain. 630 more words

Corporate Mainstream Media Lies

Two Occupations: Why Are We Silent on Kashmir?

With its 700,000+ security forces, the Indian occupation of Kashmir is the densest and oldest in the world. With her population of 5.5 million, the ratio is one Indian soldier for eight Kashmiris. 295 more words


Too Big to Fail: Measures, Remedies, and Consequences for Efficiency and Stability

Bank failure was almost unthinkable in Europe long before “too big to fail” became a byword for U.S. regulatory policy on big banks. But the 2007−2009 global financial crisis, which for some countries grew to a full-blown crisis, made the unthinkable a real possibility. 1,490 more words

The Dodd-Frank Act