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Some nights he is so dizzy,

From being every so busy…

Has to take stock

To properly dock,

Before he starts his tin lizzy!


Happiness Challenge Day 10 & 11

Oops, I did it again…No I’m not talking about Britney Spears. I’m talking about the fact that I didn’t write about my Happiness Challenge yesterday. Instead…I went out and did something special for myself. 292 more words


The importance of taking time for yourself

By: Max Bruns ~Advertising Manager~

“Could you just text me the list of dates where you have an hour or two free? I know you’re busy…” That’s how my mother ended our phone call last week, when she was trying to coordinate times to get me to the doctor. 838 more words

Opinions & Editorials

too busy...

Just can’t get the words on the pag…

Decision Fatigue

You sense it’s happening to you more and more; a worn-out, bad-decision, I’m exhausted and don’t care attitude that increasingly invades your day and often leaves you collapsed and feeling unproductive at night. 929 more words


A Thorn in my Foot

A Thorn in My Foot

Again, it’s one of those days that nobody has time for anything, or as the calendar calls it, Tuesday.

Again, I’m faced with a hectic schedule and about a million things to do, without a lot of time to write about stories and books, but I will write about something else. 700 more words

Thoughts And Ponders