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There has been a bundle of things that had happened to bomb down at the same period of time. And truth be told, with every single thing raining down together, it was really very difficult to get a hold of myself and make sure that the right priorities have been given to the right activity. 228 more words


Their focus is on trying to make each other’s life happier and better.


Time Flies

Time Flies when I’m not looking

While I’m to busy. Reading. Cleaning. Cooking.

My Children ask to play a game

But I’m to busy, my excuse is lame. 93 more words

Growing In Christ

Haste makes... unfortunate fashion mistakes

Have you ever had days like this?

It had been a chaotic afternoon of running errands. While hurrying towards the entrance of Costco, which was my final destination, and digging into my purse to pull out my membership card, I happened to look down at my feet. 232 more words


Too Busy

I’ve been pretty busy out here the last few days. Too busy to spend much time online, so haven’t been able to post.

I was busy with work.The big project was to move the rig. 287 more words


How Busy is Too Busy?

There are so many opportunities in today’s generation. I’m talking about both ministry and recreational activities. How do you know when you’re too busy?

In the book of Revelation, Christ dictated letters to 7 pastors in Asia Minor. 583 more words


Where has the time gone?

I will be the first to admit it, I have been slacking on the promises that I made to myself, and I allowed myself to get too busy instead of writing every day. 143 more words