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Full Speed Ahead ...

Things have been somewhat manic recently – a confluence of circumstances that have meant that I’ve been uncharacteristically busy; stuff from work, home, family, friends, church and these kind of charity gigs have all conspired to happen in an unfeasibly short time span.  1,046 more words

Rambling On ...

Trying things on....

When something so profound as having a nervous breakdown happens (and by that I mean my sympathetic nervous system was in overdrive and had taken over my whole body) everything in your life changes.  197 more words

Nothing doing, doing nothing

Whoops… once again days go by before I post. Where do I begin? Not that I think that everyone (or anyone!) is hanging on my every word, but I do like to be faithful to this little blog and blogging community. 723 more words


Yes, Of Course!!

“Yes, I’d be glad to” is often a sentence we say way too quickly!  Everyone wants to be helpful, to be a team-player, and be seen as a leader; there’s nothing wrong with any of those motivations. 435 more words

March 8 - Lions In The Path

Matthew 12:1-21; Leviticus 14; Proverbs 26

Some people will always find a good reason (excuse) for not doing something that needs to be done. “The dog ate my homework.” “I couldn’t make the meeting because I had family in town.” “I was late because traffic was too bad.” You know those kinds of people. 217 more words

Devotional Thoughts

Off course...

Once in a while I’ll diverge, gently or enormously, from the haiku path. I’ve done that at least once before when my friend Anthony Demangone from NAFCU posts something especially interesting, important, spot on… Well, all his posts are but many are more business focused. 40 more words

Life And Living...

When Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before the House of Representatives today he was quite clear: It's a shame some of those elected to represent us decided to play hookey !

By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

It had the flair, pomp and circumstance of a State of the Union Speech with a true leader, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu lay his cards on the table. 418 more words