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A Thorn in my Foot

A Thorn in My Foot

Again, it’s one of those days that nobody has time for anything, or as the calendar calls it, Tuesday.

Again, I’m faced with a hectic schedule and about a million things to do, without a lot of time to write about stories and books, but I will write about something else. 700 more words

Thoughts And Ponders

Slow Going

And more emails. Organization. Too much junk food and a nagging headache.

I have a week to put together a lesson. I just don’t give a shit. 61 more words

Slow Stitch Stitch-Along Weeks 5 and 6

“Any regular, repetitive action primes the well. Writers have heard many woeful tales of the Bronte sisters and poor Jane Austen, forced to hide their stories under their needle-work. 420 more words


Guided meditations for the workplace

Just released – guided meditations for work!

These 15 minute guided meditation recordings are perfect for your breaks at work.  Treat yourself or a stress-out coworker to these meditations specifically tailored to help make your work life more enjoyable. 213 more words


The Too Busy Life

I’m too busy has been coming across my lips too often. Autumn’s spindly fingers reaching across pumpkin patches and shaking golden leaves from trees reminds me of how quickly this summer has passed. 284 more words

Horseback Riding Adventure

Seeing Differently Challenge- 6 of 15

What is the beat to your life
what is the hum
in the background moving you
along are you busy so busy you are afraid… 262 more words


Do you ever feel like life is too busy?

Do you ever feel like life is too busy?

Do you think that it is God’s intention that we are really busy?

Those of you who follow my blog will have noticed that I have written a lot less over the past few months and the reason for this is that I have been really, really busy. 323 more words