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I Ended it...with Netflix

It’s time to eat Ben & Jerry’s with streaks of mascara running down your face.  There’s a serious, official break-up of a long-term relationship today.  It’s over with Netflix and me.  738 more words

When to End a Friendship

Friends come and go in our lives.

Sometimes it’s for the best. As we grow and our interests change so do our tastes and tolerances for the people we thought were our friends. 670 more words

A Healthier Me

All Work and No Play Makes Allison... Something Something

I’ve been working my butt off on another Super Secret Project.  It’s not just a new pattern, either!  It’s going to be amazing!  I’m so stinking proud of it (although I’m currently between the point where I’m 90% sure that it’s utter garbage, and the point where I’m 100% sure that I’ll never  210 more words

About The Blog

What if you really are Too Busy to Exercise?

Sure I work physically this time of year all out for about two months, a bit less all out for the surrounding two more. This time of year we go from 8:40 till at least 6, often 8:30 pm… but roofing is dawn till dark with rain in the forecast. 2,159 more words


Too Busy?

Starting a blog is something I’ve wanted to do for so long, yet I’ve always found an excuse to put it off or found myself too busy to just sit down and write….   237 more words


Too Busy?

Passing along a little something to ponder….


Still Unique Photography

The value of a child's smile

So often I am accused of being “too busy”. I have tried to communicate that there is never a time that I am “too busy” for anyone, yet I choose to “be busy”. 945 more words