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Stuff I’m Gonna Get to After Training Stops

Training for much more that a 10k can consume your life in a pretty big way. Even a 10k can really eat into your free time in a otherwise… 1,417 more words


My Time For Reading Has Disappeared

Life often becomes too much and too busy, putting reading on the back-burner. Just two years ago I was reading at least a book a week. 167 more words


Diary Management

Not yet figured out how to doodle in an electronic diary …


I was planning on just filming 2 videos because I didn’t have a concrete idea for more than that; however, when I was gathering everything, I came up with another idea and was able to film 3. 68 more words

Too Busy?

Starting a blog is something I’ve wanted to do for so long, yet I’ve always found an excuse to put it off or found myself too busy to just sit down and write….   237 more words


If They Really Care, They’ll Never Be ‘Too Busy’

Last night my friend Abraham and I met to record our podcast. And like we normally do, we start by talking about what’s on our mind to generate a topic that’s both real and pressing in our lives. 916 more words



They say that life is a circle …