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Why Now?

When a heart turns numb and love is gone
No electricity to light up the darkness
No heat to keep you warm at nights
Tears won’t soften a heart like that… 81 more words


10. But, It's too late

But, It’s too late
~Esha Modi

You have an empty feeling
Residing inside of you.
There is nothing you can
Fill this void with.
You think everything is a waste. 201 more words


Foreshadowings to Fruition...

Today, we await word from my husband, Tommy’s, granny and auntie as well as many other friends and family, the morning after Maria, a category 5 Hurricane, literally destroyed the approximate 7×35 mile wide island of Dominica. 490 more words

The Time is now, Tomorrow may be too Late

Your time and my time is winding up. I’m putting me in it, because I’m not exempt. Everyday we get closer to stepping out of life’s backdoor into eternal life. 861 more words

Sting Of Time

You stub your toe
Running into wrong doors
In dark alleys between
Choices made and fate,
And it stings.

Wondering for days
What you did wrong… 85 more words


Discover: Partisan

Formed in 2013, this Manchester-based group balance out upfront indie rock with generous helpings of softer alt rock. The trio’s anthemic rock takes a twist with spiraling vocals and light-natured synths. 108 more words


No Regrets

Did they say they didn’t

want to know you?

Could you pick your father out

in a crowd?

Did your mama love

and leave you…

60 more words
Kait King Author