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The NULL Solution = Episode 52

The NULL Solution = Episode 52

…Parsec after parsec blows by and not an Antaran inch is gained…

Reticence and restraint are not a qualities that the Ÿ€Ð possess. 329 more words

Science Fiction

Just to Apologize

“I’m sorry.”

“No, you’re…”

“Not…you’re right.  I’m not.

I’m not sorry for how I acted today.

He deserved every word,

Every inch,

Every bit of what I said today. 306 more words


Unhappily Ever After

Another tearful night

With hostility in the walls

I speak what’s on my mind

But you decline all the calls

I tell you that I’m breaking… 82 more words



The red river that pours from my body is the beauty I seek. As life pours out of me you try to push it back in. 66 more words


Super Junior: Black Suit Review

One of 2017’s most long-awaited comebacks finally arrived: Known legend Super Junior, down a few original members but iconic as ever, is back after a two-year hiatus with retro-funk pop title track “Black Suit.” Of course, it’s good to have legends back on the scene, and with the vast majority of the songs on the album sticking to an upbeat tempo, it’s definitely a feel-good comeback. 519 more words


No Regrets

Did they say they didn’t

want to know you?

Could you pick your father out

in a crowd?

Did your mama love

and leave you…

60 more words
Kait King Author

Shakespeare Sunday | 051117

“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.” from the man himself.

The Merry Wives of Windsor is a sadly apt at the moment. 246 more words