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T & Sugah - Canyon Dive / Too Late [Viper VIP]

A quality imprint in its own right, Viper VIP has been responsible for some of the freshest, most innovative Drum and Bass the scene has to offer. 168 more words

Drum & Bass


“Don’t open your eyes.”

Hearing the whispered command made Nora want to open her eyes more; but she obeyed.  Moans of pleasure or pain, perhaps both, echoed around her while a discordant tune pounded from an out of tune piano.  454 more words

Short Story

Leaf #1: Time is Fleeting

Let’s admit it. Sometimes, things turn out pretty well but there are just some days when we feel like crap. Everything just seems to go wrong and nothing feels right. 336 more words

Bad Day

Please DO NOT Wait! The Time Is Now!

I call to all who have been or are being deceived by satan and the false doctrine of his minions. There IS a Hell and you will spend ETERNITY in its torment if you continue to reject the Saviour we all need in Jesus Christ. 321 more words

God's Truth

"It’s okay to cry behind your sunglasses: A lesson on long-term gratification." A guest lesson by Michelle Mullins.

I have learned that history tends to repeat itself.  Recently, I stumbled upon this quote on Twitter: “The greatest human tragedy is that we want what we can’t have, grow disinterested in what we do, and terribly miss the things we lose.”  This really hit home for me, personally.  676 more words

Year Of Lessons

REGARDLESS.....right now IS the perfect time

How often has the statement “I wish I’d known that when I was younger!” been said?   It’s often associated with the famous “Aha!!” moment.   There is another famous quote telling us knowledge is power, but knowledge value is only significant when knowledge is used and in what context it is used in. 497 more words