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Tomorrow may be too late

In all the class pictures that my mother kept and stored, from kindergarten on, I can find the same towheaded boy. His name was David. He was my sometimes friend and sometimes adversary. 708 more words


Concerning Dreams

I hope I’m never heard to say
those tragic words, “I will wait”
or more tragic still that simple phrase,
“Now it’s too late”


National Poetry Month

Laundry Litter

Here’s my laundry room closet.  I think it’s not half bad, for a slob.  Believe you me, it could look lots worse.  And it has!  But haha, no before pix so you can’t prove it!   87 more words


Too Late

One cold night,

I raced against time.

I hurried to your home

But when I opened the door,

I saw you lying lifeless on the floor.

My Stuff

Feral (Part Two)

Craig glanced over his shoulder unsure of his next move.  He could tell she was drunk but he wanted to kiss those perfect red lips.  He wanted to unpin her hair and slip his hand under the hem of her dress.  1,130 more words

Short Story

Feral (Part One)

An ordinary wine glass sits, empty, on the white table-cloth covering the table still littered with dirty dishes and leftovers from a seven course meal.  The meal was served in a garden, with red rose bushes, blooming even in the moonlight.  1,279 more words

Short Story