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No Regrets

Did they say they didn’t

want to know you?

Could you pick your father out

in a crowd?

Did your mama love

and leave you…

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Kait King Author

nothing something

You were on pins and needles all day, waiting to hear from me—or so I assumed, because ten hours or more had passed since I said my last words, and when I finally said some more, late in the evening because I finally had to, you called within minutes and we spoke until straight lines turned to circles and my mind could no longer try to unravel what my heart had balled up and put away. 920 more words

Essay Things

Captured sun

Can you imagine:

a sun, clear blue skies

grass without snow,

suddenly flies


One more second

is one too late to grasp

a sudden shock… 30 more words


Statements I didn't make at the time

1. Ellen, your sitcom was canceled because it wasn’t funny.
2. Trickle down economics is offensive to everyone who can’t buy a politician.
3. 300 million firearms in the United States and public safety requires MORE GUNS!?!? 39 more words

Available Grace Luke 8:26 - 39

January 24th      Available Grace        Luke 8:26 – 39

Did your parents ever call you with “that voice” and you knew you were in trouble?

I walked into the living room where my dad was holding his belt more than one and has to ask, “What did I do?” But, it wasn’t that I didn’t know I had done something wrong….I just wanted to know what they FOUND OUT ABOUT! 806 more words

Sermon Notes

Too Late

November 24, 2014

Dear Reggie,

Over time, I have received the messages that you have sent to me through my mother. She has often gone against my wishes and responded to you with information concerning my life that I do not feel that you deserve to know as you are not a part of my life. 1,429 more words

Life Thoughts


Too late

Too early

Not enough time

Time enough


Finishing early

Not early enough

Time to rest

Or so I thought


Not able to check in… 167 more words