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There are some really shitty things about being a human being. Monday mornings, hangovers, homesickness, the flu, really really bad movies. Think about it. Animals don’t have to put up with any of this shit. 1,742 more words


Help...a u-haul threw up all over my house!

No, I am not joking at all….it really did happen…my house is a disaster…

Lets go back about a week and a half ago, to when my husband flew down to Arizona. 363 more words

Sailor Wife

Clothing: What Do I Really Use?

We are getting the flooring in our bedroom replaced. Some water damage from our bathroom flowed through the adjacent wall of our bedroom and soaked into our hardwood flooring. 304 more words


Matching sets and perfectionism

Are you a perfectionist? I am.

I love everything to match and co-ordinate. I love interior design.

But matching sets make consumers of us all – have you ever realised that? 141 more words

Simple Living

Sick Days

So the plan was to update daily as in a work position however it’s easier to sick day at home after work. This is the sad fact that leaving at 7am and getting home at 5pm can be taxing and take away from the energy to write. 133 more words


Drowning in a sea of stuff, and other first world problems.

In the lead up to Christmas I felt overwhelmed, mostly by the state of my house. I felt that no matter how much I tidied up at the end of each day, I still felt overcrowded, suffocated by the clutter and that the walls were closing in on me. 830 more words


A Flip of the Coin: How to Know You're Doing the Right Thing (Decluttering)

When I’m going through things and I find something that I just can’t determine if I want it to stay in my life or not, I can do a mental exercise* to quickly get my answer. 154 more words