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The Excess Stuff - What to Do?

I think one of the big things that has held me back from really simplifying and minimizing, is just not knowing what to do with all the “stuff” we don’t need.  381 more words


Breakfast In The Afternoon On The Way To Being Charitable

I had my first afternoon Egg McMuffin last week.

It was late Thursday afternoon, and Z-D & I were on our way to Habitat for Humanity to drop off our old, but still usable, outdoor light fixtures that have been in my way in the garage for months. 255 more words


Machine Age

You would think I had grown up in the days of my grandmother or possibly my great-grandmother if you saw the kind of appliances I had in my house, right up into the 1990’s.  1,709 more words

I am in Packing HELL!

20kg, that’s all I am allowed on the plane I am going for a good few years, and I love my clothes, and things! What made me think I could fit everything I wanted to take into a 62L rucksack????? 198 more words

Life Experience

Get Ready, Get Set, Get Going

For the past three days I’ve written about getting started with the organization process.  On Thursday, I covered background, like understanding some of the reasons we have so much stuff… 716 more words


What are you so busy doing and does it matter?

…..so I saw this quote and really liked it. I thought, “Hey, I’ll post this today.”

But then I got to thinking, “What do I really know about ants?” 188 more words


So, I am so organized now...

I am so organized and so together on only the 7th day of January that I am even impressed with myself.  There is more closet space. 414 more words