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Books tower and teeter. James and I wield fine-point Sharpies, writing tags. So, Traveling Mercies, we might write. Hard cover. Fifty cents.

I cut a supply of one-inch stubs of masking tape, hang them from the table’s rim, use them to affix tags to the appropriate books. 976 more words

Being Mindful

Times are Rough, I've Got Too Much Stuff

Ahhhhh my favorite smell is in the air… Sure the coal stove is smoldering less frequently.  Yes spring is bringing on the buds of trees and new sprouting grass.   486 more words

As I Go

Moving house in parts

You may have picked up from my various stress filled posts that we are in the middle of the painfully slow process that is moving house. 457 more words


There's just NEVER enough storage!

I have been watching a LOT of YouTube videos lately. I mean, A LOT! Most of them have been decluttering and minimalism videos. I have really been stressed out by the mess of stuff around me lately, and so I have been considering going through another purge. 358 more words

5 Ways to Declutter Your Life

I’m sharing my top 5 simple, practical ways to declutter your life!  Do you use any of these methods already?  Which is your favorite?
WATCH here! —> https://youtu.be/ShpXHOxVFoA


What do we take and what do we leave?

As I have told you we sold or gave away pretty much everything we owned to make this move. 12,000 lbs. down to 70 boxes. I’m sure a lot of you are thinking that we must have been hoarders or something to have that much stuff. 1,678 more words

Xan & Bob

The Dangers of Too Much Stuff

Here in the US, we live in a culture that promotes the acquisition of stuff–lots and lots of stuff. We have ridiculous sayings, like “He who dies with the most toys wins.” Really?? 817 more words