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Minimalism | Haves Outnumber Needs

How much is too much? How much is enough?

Jimmy Carter once said,

Human identity is no longer defined by what one does but by what one owns.

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Introducing "Waste Not Want Not Wedding"

Over the weekend, I got engaged.

Holy Moly!

It has been a crazy whirlwind so far and I am finally feeling the weight of planning such an important life event. 281 more words


Clipper, Tweezers and Oils, Oh My

I chose my “master bath” to start with today. I have two full baths in my little house and neither of them truly deserve the title master, but it’s the one in the biggest of the three small bedrooms so it is master by default. 621 more words

Conscious Living

Making Space for Enchantment

I have too much stuff. And this is the year I am going to get to know it on a very personal level.

If you saw my home you might not agree with me and I have to admit I love my home, it’s warm and cozy and many – most really – of the objects I own have some sort of special significance or I just fell madly in love with them. 628 more words

Conscious Living

Only 1 New Clothing Purchase in 4 Months

The year is almost over and about 4 months ago I decided not to purchase any new clothes for myself for the rest of 2016. 125 more words

Too Much Stuff

Holidays In The Suburbs: Of Discord & Delivery Trucks & Discernment

WELP, considering what a year this has been…

it’s no surprise, really, that as we approach the end of December there is discord amongst the ± 3,000 suburbanites here in Mom Trails. 325 more words


How Much Is Too Much?


Before kids, I barely celebrated Christmas.  It was a holiday for families, kids and more religious people than I was.  My family is spread out far and wide around the country and there wasn’t one set point where everyone got together.  387 more words

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