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Oops, I Bought Some Pants...

So I bought a new article of clothing. Ugh.

Back in September, I vowed across social media not to buy any new clothes/shoes for the rest of the year (see that… 295 more words

Too Much Stuff

A basement solution

If ever any of my siblings pays The Mom a visit and also goes into the basement for some heavy-duty Stuff Removal, I inevitably hear about it. 591 more words

Moving Home


Do you ever catch yourself wondering what will happen to all your stuff when you bite the dust? I can imagine if I go first, H gathering all things around him, holding on tight because he loves stuff. 493 more words

My Dribbles

I Am Clumsy But With My Priorities In The Right Place

I fell on my face at Goodwill. Literally.

On a beautiful sunny afternoon, I parked in front of the donation door at our local Goodwill.  I started pulling items out of the trunk of my car, and was carrying two folding chairs, one in each hand, when I tripped over a 3″ high little curb painted a jazzy shade of yellow. 172 more words


Beaches Need Love Even When It's Like 20 Degrees

Last week, Chicago finally got a real taste of winter.

While most people huddled  up inside

and snuggled in blankets (which is what I wanted to do, to be honest), I snuggled up in a bunch of warm layers and rode my bike to North Avenue beach. 123 more words


Black Friday, I'll Pass

I used to like Black Friday.

That was back when the deals were only available at early hours on the Friday after Thanksgiving. That is when you marveled at hearing about someone go to the mall at 4:30 AM. 181 more words


4 Excuses We Have When It Comes to Cluttering Our Homes

Get rid of what you don’t use. Sounds so simple doesn’t it?! But it’s not! Here are four excuses we have that make it hard to get rid of stuff: 1,082 more words