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Best Laid Plans (2)

In short (but it didn’t feel short, not at all), it took two cold icy slippery winters separated by a hot, sweaty summer to clear out all that junk. 294 more words

Getting Organized

Best Laid Plans (1)

About a year and a half ago, I started cleaning out my mother’s house, and almost immediately learned that keeping stuff “because I might need it someday” or “because it’s too good to throw out” is a bad idea. 383 more words

Getting Organized

Fall Cleaning - Clutter Beware!

Well, I didn’t get but an hour’s sleep and couldn’t get back to it. I may as well write for a few minutes then go back and try again. 678 more words

Take one step, just one little baby step...

Full disclosure, be warned the next paragraph may disturb some people…are you ready? I’m a lists person, yes lists. I have them in notebooks, in my phone, on pieces of paper, I make lists for other people, I even have an app that manages lists – now that’s what I call worshipping at the temple of lists. 798 more words

Duplicate Buying

How many of you go to the grocery store, hardware store, clothing store, etc., and buy an item you think you need, and then get home and find that you already have at least one or two of the same item? 339 more words

The times they are a changin'

It’s nearly 2am and I’m wide awake.

Contrary to previous posts it has little to do with the new little person in my life, and a lot to do with all the other exciting things that are happening. 897 more words

Life In Hanoi

Too Much Stuff in The Kitchen

Do you ever stop and think about what is stored in the kitchen? It’s amazing to me how much stuff we actually have in the kitchen that isn’t food. 205 more words

Simple. Minimal. Clean.