Tags » Took

took a part

something of the want

and its own degree

and here it was felt

and lasting of the never

and follow of the seeing

and thought of the believe… 44 more words


took a stroll


and the many aspects

and those of the visual

and its own

and when it was  the corner

and how it felt

and kept on a play… 48 more words


ending and took


and its own  passing

and its own grumble

and it heard

and how it was ran along

and its own

and took of the meaning… 31 more words


just took on over

not afraid

and not dancing

with two left feet

and how it  was the taken

better and of the  results

and its own

and taken… 26 more words


took and ran


and known

and below

and its own operated

status of affair

and those of the meeting

and were it was the possible

and its own refrain… 38 more words


took a view


and the sky of the heart

and its own ploy

and what ti makes

and thought of the company

and in spots

and how it danced… 34 more words


Khloe Kardashian Talks About Her Butt: It Took Years of Work!

For the past month, every interview with Khloe Kardashian has focused on Lamar Odom’s near-fatal overdose.
So perhaps it’s a sign that things are getting back to normal that Khloe is now able to discuss the most important thing in the life of any Kardashian – her ass.