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took back moment

when it was all switched upon

and where is the glow

and what is the normal

and how it was the workings

and where it was touched… 35 more words


worth took

no wind

and all in the cluds

and  where  is the running

and how it zooms

an what it all heard

and then it was the matter… 44 more words


The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC has been busy in the past few weeks inviting allegedly corrupt Nigerians for questioning. While some of those questioned have been charged to court, others are yet to know their fate. 104 more words

took a sweep

brush away

that yesterday paper

and where is the endless


of the motivation

of the concept

of the recall of the nature

of the standing… 45 more words


took you around

look of  the fear

and where it all storms near

and  how it wanted

and thought of the  reservations

and whom it was all being lead… 47 more words