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took and spun

newer as a dance

and what it said of the chance

and those of the shoes

and which way does it mean

to have been used… 45 more words


took on a notice


and the being of the surrounding

and what it had encountered

and then it was the  pleasure

and its own sea and what it longs… 47 more words


took and memory


and  finding

and its own saying

and  how it earned

and its own  keeping

and those of the beats

and what it moved

and when it was the keeping… 42 more words


36 Shot Salute

36 Shot Salute

“It was self protection” – Police.
“It was the Police” – Union.
“It was the strikers” – London.
“Nothing, said the dead miners.

#TOOK #36ShotSalute #OpusOfKingKan


took upon

one toward the eye

and what it heard

and when it was the feeling

and how it spoke

and did it create a theme

and its own pressure… 43 more words


took you back

back when dancing  was a must

when saying something

meant something

having your own thing

was the cool

and it was a must

doing what it needed… 52 more words