Tags » Took

traffic took

got into  the fright

and where it was

and heard a moment

and how it captured

and forever and how it


and then it  takes… 46 more words


took a picture

take a time

and  rewind

what is the scene

and how it played like a role

and no awards of the mention

and what it gave… 51 more words


took another side

political fire

and what it heard

and how it meant something

and yet the moments

and its own timing

were hard on thy ownself

and how it planted… 45 more words


continue took

didn’t meant

and what it seems

and what it witness

and what it  carried

and  how it returns

and then it peaked

and  what is the starting… 44 more words


wednesday took

how it all adds

and when it enters  and what it feels

dancing at the heart

and is own refreshig

and where it caution

and what is the button… 41 more words


took on through

wonder where you could be

and what it heard

and then it was  the streaming

and its own zoom

and  how it paints

and what it charms… 44 more words