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Dog took two bullets and saved his family

In an article in aftonbladet.se we can read about a heroic dog that instinctivly by training guarded his family. He inverveend when his family members were being tied by masked robbers. 95 more words


took a look

being and over

how it felt

and those of the charm

and its own felt

and how it looks onto

and wonders

and what it asks… 45 more words


took a minute

how it keeps on the conversation

and where it was the lasting of the


and its own heated

and where it was needed

and how it placed… 46 more words


took apart

wings and the barriers

and how it was something

and it was the point

and what it heard

and then it was the standard

and where it emerged… 45 more words


took a look

wonder where you been

and what has it meant

and how it came along

and those of the effort

and how it solos

and it looks at the glass half… 42 more words


Smash or Trash: "No Sleep" by Young Torch feat. Took

“No Sleep” is a new track from up-and-coming Broward County Florida rap artists Young Torch featuring Took, produced by KenKen Killt It.

Currently promoted by… 45 more words


took away

where is the being

and how it was called

and those of the left

and its own mix signals

and how it ran

and those of the thing… 46 more words