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Israelites plunder the tent of General Holofernes (Jdt 15:11-15:11)

“All the people plundered the camp for thirty days. They gave Judith the tent of General Holofernes and all his silver dinnerware, his beds, his bowls, and all his furniture. 86 more words

doing and what took

felt and how it as the  animal

and its own insitict

and where it wanted

and those of the feeling

and how it breath

and how it ordered… 44 more words


took a return

must have been circling your orbit

and  making things wonder

how it seems  so shallow

and so foggy

and can  never ever  get all the way… 54 more words


took on off

hurry  past as it was the doors

and whom is the purpose

and doing a  manner

and it lasted and how it took

and where it left a turn… 48 more words


very took off

must have been something so right

what it means

and like bowling ball pins

it goes down on its own accord

and how it was heard… 47 more words


took a afternoon ride

such simple times

and how it was the magnificent

and how it landed

and what it  asked

and how it took a detour and it… 47 more words


took place

must have been the  water

and how it was felt

as the isolated

and its own  even

and how it  battled

and where it was the store… 47 more words