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CTC、クラウド型勤怠管理サービス - 連携ツールで従業員の健康も支援 [ #cbajp ]

伊藤忠テクノソリューションズ(CTC)は2月4日、ヒューマンテクノロジーズと協業し、従業員の勤怠管理サービス「おまかせ勤怠管理 Powered by KING OF TIME(おまかせ勤怠管理)」の提供を開始すると発表した。月額利用料は300円(1ユーザー)から。



The Evolution Blogging

Blogging or “Web Blog” is a tool used by a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences,observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites. 218 more words

CSA Reassignment tool now available to BTLs!

Effective immediately, ALL Team Leaders–including Bronze Team Leaders–have the ability to reassign their CSAs throughout their downline!

By strategically reassigning CSAs, all TLs can now provide the incentive for downline affiliates to both become EAs and maintain the minimum rank of EA every month! 166 more words

Affiliate Center

Functions of Carbide planer knives

The role of tungsten carbide inserts is very important in this modern technological environment. Basically, tungsten carbide is a chemical compound which contains equal parts of tungsten and carbon atoms. 241 more words