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Where To Get Garage Equipment For Your Garage

Do you own a garage? In this post we are going to talk to you about where to get the best garage equipment for your motor garage or body shop business. 294 more words

Painter's World: A Scaffolding Accident Case Worth Reporting

Scaffolding injuries a year: 4,500; deaths: 50.

In 2016, at least sixty-five painters were reported as being injured in scaffolding accidents.

The term “fall prevention” hadn’t been conceived yet, let alone used in the construction industry, in the 1970s. 739 more words


The Essential Tools that Both Professionals and DIY Enthusiasts Should Own

There are many satisfying things that one can do in their spare time, none are as productive as having a DIY workshop in your own home. 422 more words

Cutting Tools

Cutting tools

There are scissors, and then there are rotary cutters with cutting mats.

For accuracy, my favorite are rotary cutters. Provided they are sharp enough, they are also easy to cut with, as long as your fabric is not crazy thick or there are more than 4 layers or so. 251 more words


A quick word about numbers...

…Specifically, budgeting them. EWWWW, I know! But not all of us have $5,000 to spend on two yards of fabric. So, we gotta at least get an estimate. 174 more words


Basic Sewing Kit

It is important to know what tools you have, what you need, and how to use them.

Basic Sewing Kit:

  • 1 pair fabric scissors (Never use on anything besides fabric, or they will dull quickly.)
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Sewing Space Upgrades

Have more room than just a little? Maybe some funds and space in your Sewing Kit? Some very nice things to get that aren’t completely necessary (in most cases), include… 86 more words