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Ideas. We all have them. The point is to capture those ideas and use them to inspire, motivate, encourage and entertain others.

Some people claim to have an endless cache of ideas, which they form into stories, articles, speeches and blogs. 290 more words


Tools of the Trade Videos

So I put a video up on youtube about fixing front and rear brakes (show only front brakes since the rear D Brakes are exactly the same) I plan to do a few more videos as well covering some basic bike repairs like the fron gear and derailleurs, along with the rear gears and derailleurs. 256 more words

Repair Videos

Chainmail, Not Just for Medieval Times Anymore

I cook almost exclusively in cast iron anymore. It is indestructible, fairly non-stick and oven friendly. Every once in a while I get a mess on my hands that is not a pleasure to clean. 184 more words

Tools Of The Trade

Tools of the Trade: ProWriting Aid

In compliance with my statement, which I issued in the last post, I’ve been hunting the internet (more specifically, NaNoWriMo’s home website–it’s chock full of great resources), and I found something interesting. 582 more words


Methods to our madness

Gardening is…..and that is where words can fail you. What is gardening? Well, it is challenging. It is hard work. It is nature unfolding before you. 640 more words