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Weekend Poll Results: What's On Your Desk?

With thanks to all who participated, here are the results of my latest weekend poll. Our focus: What’s the range of hardware on and around your desk? 842 more words


Years of good ideas

Pencil sharpeners – Something that used to be in every kid’s schoolbag, pencil case, in the junk drawer, in the bottom of your bag… Now, it’s a struggle to find one. 264 more words


Allow me to introduce you all to Iris! Iris is the latest addition to our family. She helps Dalton with his eye exercises. Yes she is a pen and yes she is a watermelon wearing a neon green feather boa…AND our course her name is a BAAAAD pun…but you gotta get the humor in when you can… … 64 more words


pink + gold pinch bowls :: perfect for Mom

These seashell-esque stoneware bowls are the ideal size for holding snacks, safety pins, jewelry, or even a small candle. We use them on our table filled with salt, for a sprinkle at a moment’s notice.

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Tools of the Trade

Over the next few posts, I  want to share some of my “tools” that I use for my various crafts and maybe do some little reviews of them just because I love the things I use and I feel I need to share that love. 498 more words


Tools of the Trade: Poetic Inspirations

by Kelly Virgin

At Continuity this past weekend we began our thinking by reading and reflecting on poetry. After looking at several poems, we were given a few minutes to write about whatever came to mind. 935 more words


Flax vs. Wool Wheel

Today I brought home another wheel, a flax wheel.

Before cleaning and waxing

Amazing that it was still available having been posted for more than 20 hours before I contacted the seller. 370 more words

Tools Of The Trade