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Toolbox Tuesday- PicMonkey

As a creative person, I’ve had the opportunity to play with a lot of tools. Some are more like toys to me because they’re so much fun I get lost in the process of making something. 737 more words


8 ways to make your business a success using Evernote

I’m a big user of the note-taking app that syncs to your tablet, phone and desktop in an instant. There’s a ton of similar apps out there, but Evernote gets most of it right and offers some great features for business owners, small and large alike. 714 more words


winter white

Sir Madam enthusiastically indexed every North American oyster variety they could find for their Oyster Tea Towel—and while they admit that it ended up being an impossible task, their valiant effort is beautifully rendered on 100% linen.

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How is social media enriching neurological practice?

This is a follow up on my post, what is the state of neurology on the blogosphere. Social media is growing and pulling in professionals at a breath-taking pace. 736 more words


Every Farmer needs a hat.

The humble hat… It’s not just for the races anymore!

One of the first things Farmer Bob and I both did was get hats. He was a bit more practical in his decision than I was (not surprisingly). 71 more words

Tools Of The Trade

Treasures in the soil

We’ve hit the month and a half mark on the farm and we’re bedding in well. Settlement came and went on the City House which let Farmer Bob and I release a breath we didn’t even know we were holding. 347 more words

Tools Of The Trade

You should be using: Less Annoying CRM

Background: I didn’t know what a CRM was, kind of like I didn’t know what SEO meant until like two months ago. I was asking my accelerator advisors, “what program do you use to keep track of leads and stuff?” They responded, “I know a great CRM.” Recognizing the blank stare on my face, they translated: Customer Relationship Manager. 166 more words

Tools Of The Trade