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Colored Powder for Airbags

There I was, riding shotgun in a car that had entered a terminal skid. When the trees and brush were flashing sideways in our headlights, just when we felt the front tires hit the ditch and explode, I remember thinking, “oh crap, this is gonna hurt!” The next instant, someone slapped my face, and that was that. 367 more words

Tools Of The Trade

Tools of the Trade: Support Spindle Spinning

My love of wool and all the wonderful tools that help us as spinners to create yarn put me on the path to purchasing several support spindles in the past few years.   326 more words


Tools of the Trade — THE BASICS

Last month I talked about Scrivener, a software tool that has enhanced my writing process. This month I will discuss other essentials.

When I present workshops on writing, I have a list of basic suggestions: 386 more words


Tools of the Trade - Getting Started With Continuous Integration (Part 1)

In this post, I’m going to talk about a commonly used software practice, continuous integration, by first describing what it is and the problem it solves. 972 more words

Continuous Build

The Ridiculously Thorough Guide to Making a MeOH/Water Bath

I got a request for some more details on the methanol/water bath from a few weeks back.  Enjoy!

Step 1: Pick a Dewar and Measure the Solvents… 442 more words

How It's Done

Tech Review: TextHelp Study Skills

Our district has been doing a lot of work with students in English/Language Arts (ELA) with non fiction reading and writing.  My community team has been working together to find and create interesting reading and writing assignments for our students to practice their reading, note taking and writing skills.   400 more words

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