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The Manly Art of Diaper Bag

Although this was pretty gross, raising babies is not for the faint of heart. And there is always poop. Food goes in, poop comes out. 1,055 more words

Joyfull Hands

The Baby Maintenance Kit

I survived raising five babies.

Not at the same time, mind you. They came a couple years apart. And even that wore me out. When my youngest was born I had three, five, seven, and nine year-olds to deal with as well. 379 more words

Joyfull Hands


Oh yeah. I had to share this too because I had almost forgotten that you can cook a hamburger in a skillet.

Tools Of The Trade

The Fried Chicken Experiment

I’m working on giving this a try. I’ve bought a new Calaphon pre-seasoned 12 inch cast iron skillet with nice high sides. This may sound like a splurge, but it was about $25 with the 20% off coupon Bed Bath and Beyond Sends out when you sign up for their email list. 320 more words

STEM & Literacy: Learning about Earning

Literacy,  noun

the ability to read and write; competence or knowledge in a specified area.

I am always thinking of new ways to incorporate reading, writing and discussions into my science curriculum.  

224 more words
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Epsom salts...and sore muscles, itchy skin...and more

People use Epsom Salts, and you an also use them on your dog. Just one word of caution, however…DO Not let your dog drink the epsom salt bath, as it may cause diarrhea…. 213 more words

Tools Of The Trade

Current tools of the trade

Current software and what-not to do what I do.

Text Editor: Atom

I work in both Windows and Linux (mostly the latter), so I wanted something cross-platform.  762 more words