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Habit RPG: My To Do Organizer

Let me show how I organise my activities. I am usually capable of keeping all my to-dos in my head – even when it’s dozens of daily things and emails at work – but I find it difficult to keep up doing stuff I have to do outside of work. 453 more words

Got An Offer What Now

A Beginners' Guide to Writing in English for University Study

Remember how I reflected on my blog posts and realised that my English skills are rusty? I decided to act on it and went to… 643 more words

Got An Offer What Now

Senate Bill 15-283 increases the exemption under C.R.S. § 13-54-102(i) for business property, or tools of the trade, from $20,000 to $30,000 if used and kept for an individual debtor’s primary gainful occupation. 158 more words

Writing in English

It’s been 11 posts already, so I took a look back, and, son, was I disappoint.

My English is ok. Not even good, just ok. I do get praised sometimes but mostly it’s for my oral command of the language, not for the writing skills. 204 more words

Got An Offer What Now

iTerm Backspace (delete) does not work

I am using OSX operating system and extensively use iTerm as my terminal emulator. One problem I always encounter is that the delete or backspace key does not really work when I got terminal session e.g. 153 more words

Tools Of Trade

Dia Diagram does not work on Yosemite

I am new to Yosemite and there is no MS Visio for OSX yet. So I opt to install Dia once again as I used it before with Mavericks and Snow Leopard. 208 more words

Tools Of Trade