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3 Habits to Fulfilling Your New Year's Resolutions

“Ask, don’t tell, when it comes to New Year’s resolutions” was a headline in the Globe and Mail, Friday January 1, 2016 pg. 27. Research carried out over the past 40 years shows that when we reflect and ask ourselves a question about what we want to create as a resolution, we are more likely to stay the course and achieve success. 656 more words


3 Ways to Feel Good in Your Body

Over the years, I’ve found three little things that help me to feel better about my body / looks when I’m really getting down on myself. 568 more words

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Just One Thing

When my depression was at its lowest, I was having a hard time doing the very basic day-to-day activities a person ought to do.  Going to work, self-grooming, and forget about “fun” stuff.  715 more words


Little Choices

My right hip had been bothering me quite a bit, so I had gotten off of the exercise wagon for some time.  (A week or more?)  After a trip to the chiropractor and some tips on stretching my hip flexor, I was still feeling “blah” in general and pretty tired / worn out. 410 more words