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3 Habits to Fulfilling Your New Year's Resolutions

“Ask, don’t tell, when it comes to New Year’s resolutions” was a headline in the Globe and Mail, Friday January 1, 2016 pg. 27. Research carried out over the past 40 years shows that when we reflect and ask ourselves a question about what we want to create as a resolution, we are more likely to stay the course and achieve success. 656 more words


3 Ways to Feel Good in Your Body

Over the years, I’ve found three little things that help me to feel better about my body / looks when I’m really getting down on myself. 568 more words

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Just One Thing

When my depression was at its lowest, I was having a hard time doing the very basic day-to-day activities a person ought to do.  Going to work, self-grooming, and forget about “fun” stuff.  715 more words


Little Choices

My right hip had been bothering me quite a bit, so I had gotten off of the exercise wagon for some time.  (A week or more?)  After a trip to the chiropractor and some tips on stretching my hip flexor, I was still feeling “blah” in general and pretty tired / worn out. 410 more words


FEEDBACK: 6 Simple Strategies To Getting The Feedback You Want

Feedback can be an incredibly powerful tool for learning, when it is done well. It gives space to identify what is working, what isn’t, and what needs to be developed. 663 more words


Conversations That Are DRAMA FREE - How To

“I want strategies to use when I disagree with someone and find myself in conflict with them. How can I have drama-free conversations?”   Sound familiar? 446 more words


How Present Are You?

In our busy lives, most of us aren’t even aware of how distracted we are. Such distractions interfere with our abilities to nurture relationships and create repercussions for us as leaders, parents, or colleagues. 769 more words