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goal setting (travel habits pt. 2)

Generally speaking, I am told that a good goal is one that is specific, measurable, and achievable. For instance, a goal like “I will exercise for twenty minutes three times a week” is evidently more likely to produce long-term changes than a goals like “I will get in better shape” or “I am going to exercise more.” 550 more words

Do habits come in travel sizes? (travel habits pt. 1)

My December posts are probably all going to be vacation/travel-related. I’ve written several times here about the way vacations and travel seem to cause my best-laid plans to go astray. 476 more words

Why I Love PivotTables (or an obligatory Excel post)

I don’t really know how to convey my love of organization and efficiency.  I love my meeting notebook and am a recent convert to bullet journaling… 415 more words


tools & strategies: moderation (very first steps)

Moderation is complicated for me to write about, because there is so much to it, and so much I am still figuring out. For this post, I’m just going to focus on a few early skills I found useful. 871 more words

tools & strategies: abstaining (later)

I still use the tools and strategies I relied on during the first few weeks of my 30+, but over time, things shift. What was once hard was now easier, what had once seemed impossible was now worth considering. 1,203 more words

tools & strategies: abstaining (early)

To quote myself from a truncated post:

My personal take on moderation is that it’s mostly not a question of willpower, but rather, a set of learned skills, habits, & strategies.

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3 Habits to Fulfilling Your New Year's Resolutions

“Ask, don’t tell, when it comes to New Year’s resolutions” was a headline in the Globe and Mail, Friday January 1, 2016 pg. 27. Research carried out over the past 40 years shows that when we reflect and ask ourselves a question about what we want to create as a resolution, we are more likely to stay the course and achieve success. 656 more words