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Bullet Journal

The Bullet Journal – or BUJO for short is a fascinating way to plan – basically your entire life.

It all started with a close friend sending me… 1,049 more words

Cleaning Data - Numbers


Numbers can manifest themselves in a number of ways and be subject to various restrictions. For example, there are a number of different types of Integer (whole number) where the difference is how large a value can be in both a positive and negative direction. 742 more words

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Cleaning Data - Strings

A string, as it is known, is a series of alphanumeric characters and will most commonly include those letters, numbers and punctuation present in sentences for any particular human language. 522 more words

Tools & Techniques

Cleaning Data - Why Bother?

The purpose of cleaning data is straightforward – to make it fit for purpose.

The level of what fitness for purpose means obviously leaves room for interpretation but I always look at it from a completely mechanical viewpoint because when it comes down to it we’re talking about data that’s being used by computer systems. 365 more words

Tools & Techniques

Chains And Ladders - Part 1

…or sometimes known as development triangles is a modelling technique, and hence a prediction technique, for process data. It lends itself well to business planning where the focus is placed on deterministic targets and subsequent monitoring of actual versus expected results. 878 more words


Falling In Love Again

Since my boyfriend and I broke up a year ago my self-esteem has been in the crapper.  Unconsciously I had decided my worth was based on whether or not… 424 more words

Soul Creations (Painting, Poetry & Photography)

Law of Attraction – Methodology

Like a DIY project or a science experiment, most overviews and explanations of the Law of Attraction come with a “how to” component so you can Do It Yourself. 612 more words

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