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Tools & Techniques #1: Tags and Categories

Tagging? What in the world does that mean?” I can hear my grandparents asking me with a confused look on their face after mentioning that I updated my website. 464 more words

Tools & Techniques

Sheilds Up! The Auric Field & You

When my son was a little boy we use to watch a lot of Star Trek.  The captain, when protecting his ship, would tell the crew, “Shields Up!”.  481 more words

Tools & Techniques

An Archaeology Tool Roll: Equipment to take on site

This post aims to provide a helpful guide as to what tools I have found useful to take on site over the years and describes the basic toolkit I take on an excavation. 1,134 more words

Tools & Techniques

Swallowing Rocks - A Body Love Tale

As I lay on the massage table I started to drift.  Images began to float in my mind.  I knew I was tapping into something profound so I simply followed where the images led.  717 more words

Tools & Techniques

Trust And The Inner Child

“Do you trust yourself,” my friend asked?  “No” I replied.

This conversation was several weeks ago and I don’t even remember what the context of the conversation was.

261 more words

Never Again Will I Let You Go

That’s the vow I made in a past life to the man I was in relationship for the past year and a half in this life. 686 more words


Claiming Your Inner Child For Health, Happiness & Wholeness

Have you claimed your Inner Child yet?  I for one, have dabbled here and there and promptly forgotten her when all was said and done.  The thing about the inner child is she will… 550 more words