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Tools & Techniques #3: Sharing

When you think about social media, what comes to mind? Is it the countless political rants, the latest shocking details about a celebrity, or endless pictures of cats? 451 more words

Tools & Techniques

There's No Place Like Home

Or How I Met My Money Guide.

I know this is going to sound weird but you should be used to that from me by now.  250 more words


A Compost Comparison

I’ve been blogging about gardening in the piedmont region of North Carolina since 2011. Occasionally, companies that provide gardening-related products contact me asking me to try their product and write about my results. 1,580 more words

Piedmont Gardening

2016: Our Best Onion Yield Ever

We ate one of our last home-grown onions of the season last night. It was a Candy onion — a softball-sized, sweet mild white onion known for its good storage quality. 1,342 more words

Piedmont Gardening

Tools & Techniques #2: Media

Media. The term itself seems so broad when I think about it. Usually found in it’s current  plural version of the word “medium”, it includes a wide range of ways to communicate. 409 more words

Tools & Techniques

Tools & Techniques #1: Tags and Categories

Tagging? What in the world does that mean?” I can hear my grandparents asking me with a confused look on their face after mentioning that I updated my website. 464 more words

Tools & Techniques

Sheilds Up! The Auric Field & You

When my son was a little boy we use to watch a lot of Star Trek.  The captain, when protecting his ship, would tell the crew, “Shields Up!”.  481 more words

Tools & Techniques