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Eclipse Blues

Are you feeling “off” now that the eclipse is over?  I know I am.  Leading up to the eclipse I was experiencing a great deal of fatigue and anxiety.  816 more words


A journey to Risk Management!

In the below video Mr. Alex Sidorenko, founder and CEO of Risk Academy, describes how he took the decision to follow a career in Risk Management from finishing the university until now. 39 more words

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Is This Mine?

In a previous blog post on being an empath I talked about how an empath picks up on the feelings of the people around them.   This can become very confusing for the person who is just trying to live their life.  227 more words

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Empath: The New Buzz Word

First off, let’s talk about what an empath is.  An empath is a highly sensitive individual who picks up on the energies of those around them.  363 more words

Tools & Techniques

Train from anywhere - IAP2 USA offers NEW online courses!

Summer is here and we are excited about these upcoming courses. We have three new courses just for YOU! You can expect that every one of these courses will give you real, usable tools and techniques apply in REAL WORLD situations. 636 more words

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IAP2 Core Values - The Origin Story

By: Lauren Wirtis
IAP2 USA Intern

Six P2 Practitioners walk into a bar…

There always is more to the story. That’s why I became interested in public participation. 1,566 more words

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500 Words

I’ve been writing.  Every day.  It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time (can you say years!) but haven’t been able to stick with for more than a few days. 354 more words

Soul Creations (Painting, Poetry & Photography)