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I Am The Decider

Today I awoke and decided to be happy.  Simple as that.  No ifs, ands, buts or whens.  I choose.  Now.  In this moment. To.  Be.  Happy! 17 more words


When In Deep Water, Become A Diver

Everything we experience has a beginning, a middle, and and end, and is followed by a new beginning.  Therefore do not draw back from the passage into darkness:  When in deep water, become the diver.  205 more words


K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Soul

I once had a friend tell me that I was addicted to transformation.  That was many years ago yet that statement has never left me.  What he meant by those words is that I am so often moving on to the next issue that needs healed, processing some emotional angst or reading the next self-help book on the market that I am rarely being in the moment and integrating what I’ve already learned. 223 more words


Mindful Eating: Appreciation

This morning, while eating sliced apples dipped in pecan butter, I was flooded with an image of the trees the apples and pecans came from.  I could see the trees pregnant with their fruits.  175 more words


Hunting for Treasures To Use As Votive Offerings

My roommate and I went wandering out at a couple of parks today. Our first stop was at the Atwood Homestead and it turned out to be full of wonderful gifts and treasures.   205 more words

Devotional Photography

Easy Chakra Balancing Technique

Here is a simple technique to quickly bring the chakras into balance.

Tools & Techniques

Mindful Eating: Setting Sacred Space

I have begun eating in a new way these past few weeks.  You see, over the years, I have gotten into some bad habits.  I would eat while reading, messing around on the computer, standing up in my kitchen, etc. 462 more words