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Firms Benefits and Costs of Apprenticeship - Seven questions to determine how to align it with their goals

This paper presents an initial study of the benefits and costs faced by firms with apprenticeship programs. Recent policy focus on skill development and worker training has not been matched by a detailed understanding of the business case for apprenticeship. 509 more words

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Amy Simpson Guest Posts "10 Things Everyone Needs to Know When Mental Illness Hits Home"

During a high school youth group meeting, we did an activity that involved saying nice things about the other people in our small group. I was shocked when one of the other girls said, “Amy, you just seem like you have it all together.” 1,677 more words


Grain salad love

It’s probably not news by now that basically my kid gets leftovers for lunch most days. Some things re-purpose better than others, which is why I LOVE a good grain salad. 161 more words

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What's in a toddler's lunch box?

Sophia gets two containers every day for her lunch at the toddler room. Each container is divided in two, so she gets four items every day. 206 more words

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Changing Your New Year’s Resolution Lexicon

What New Year’s resolutions have you set?

Did you make New Year’s resolutions this month? Perhaps you want to lose weight, save money, learn a new skill, or get a new job. 873 more words

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Tiny helper & lunchbox #28

A great way to both (1) get my kid interested in what he’s eating (and more willing to eat what’s in front of him) and (2) lessen the after-school-but-pre-dinner meltdown is to find a way to get him involved in dinner prep. 149 more words

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Suicide Prevention Tools & Tips

Do you or someone you know struggle with suicidal ideations? It’s okay to ask. In fact, according to the professionals, discussing suicidal intent or ideations doesn’t heighten the risk of suicide. 164 more words