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How do you handle shit hitting the fan?

I had a week full of aha moments and insights. I’ve been studying the Akashic Records and learned how to do readings for myself. It has rocked my world to be able to ask questions about things and get the truth about myself. 120 more words

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Legalinc - Business Formation Made Easy

When it comes to setting up companies, and finding registered agents in other states, even lawyers don’t want to deal with the details and burden of doing all the paperwork. 1,077 more words

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Step 2 - Keep track of your GBOMBS or your Daily Dozen

Now that you have started on some replacements, it is important to track your progress and measure the healthfulness of your diet by tracking some ‘superfoods’ (I don’t like too much the overuse of this word, but some foods really are super good for you). 433 more words

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Tips on maintaining those new year's resolutions

  1. ​Set specific goals – eg one replacement
  2. Step it up – add another step to your plan to keep moving forward.
  3. Manage your energy and willpower – just like we know that it’s not a good idea to go shopping when hungry, make sure you have healthy options ready-made for when your energy and willpower are at their lowest.
  4. 33 more words
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How to feel good about yourself

I’ve asked myself this question and been asked this question.

I used to think there was a magical answer to it, something mysterious that I hadn’t ever received the memo about. 429 more words

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My one word theme for 2017

I chose the word Impact. Rather, it chose me.

I’ve picked a one word theme for the last half dozen years and this year I had no idea what it would be, until one day it knocked on my door. 178 more words

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Getting started: baby step 1 -make one replacement

So with the new year started, now is THE time to get started…no more excuses (OK except for those still waiting to celebrate Christmas on the orthodox calendar)… 365 more words

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