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What does it mean to feel safe?

Have you ever seen that graphic that says everything you want is outside of your comfort zone? That  may work for some people but it doesn’t work for me! 254 more words


Make learning theory work for you

We all want our students, those in our homes and our classrooms, to learn the material presented to them.  We know that it does not happen overnight and that repetition, discussion, and quizzing are necessary. 488 more words


Ten Diet-Induced Changes That Slow and Reverse Cancer

Here is a nice list of steps you can take from Dr. Mcdougall. Pick one and start working on it. Any baby step you take today will pay off on the long run. 194 more words


Break on Exceptions in Visual Studio 2015

Looking for the option to break on exceptions during debugging in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015? Well Microsoft dumped the old exceptions dialog and replaced it with the new… 99 more words

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Resume - The most outrageous resume mistakes employers have found

Finding a job can be stressful. Job seekers are often up against tens, if not hundreds, of other applicants for a position. The pressure to have their resumes jump out from the stack in front of employers is high, and that can often result in getting a little too creative or perhaps outright fabricating. 425 more words

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Job Interview - 21 Best Tips (infographic)

There’s much more to a successful job interview than just knowing how to answer the most commonly asked questions. To make things easier for you, we’ve prepared some more tips that will help you prepare for everything else that comes with a job interview. 19 more words

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The Price of Not Listening to Intuition

That little whisper in our heart that says quietly “here, go this way…” But we don’t fully hear it or we don’t yet know how to trust it, so we follow an idea or a thought that “sounds better.” 750 more words