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UK - Five top tips for implementing flexible working

Flexible working is harder to manage because the way the team communicates might change and as managers you have less control of a person’s whereabouts. This makes us, the managers, nervous. 882 more words

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CV Lies - A new Google Docs update let employers see editing history

Due to the high stakes at play many choose to copy other people’s CVs or use web-based examples to get them started. A recent survey by Marketing Minds found that 69% of respondents find it difficult to communicate in the written form and 25% of those questioned had paid for a professional to write their CV for them. 233 more words

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Recruiters and Instagram - Getting more job applicants

Recently, I did an experiment on Instagram to find out its potential as a recruiting tool. The test revealed that encouraging your Instagram followers to consider working for your company can do two important things: 536 more words

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Give your hair a little love today!

As  a hair stylist I have alot of wonderful products at my fingertips! I have to be honest I really love natural goodness!  My sisters and I grew up that way, loving and appreciating natural ingredients and  natural health foods.   335 more words

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Millennial at Work - Two ways employers can retain talent

Here are two ways employers can retain millennial talent:

1. Put yourself in the shoes of the potential employee.

“No matter how passionate you are about your company, it’s important to always look outside a person’s job responsibilities and guide them to focus on areas where they want to develop themselves in,” said Aaron Harvey of Ready Set Rocket. 575 more words

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