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The Timer Every Lawyer Needs

When I first heard about the Time by Ping app, I was skeptical. Can it really be that powerful or more powerful than what I have already seen? 854 more words

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How to Feel Safe Feeling

“I don’t want the negative emotions to stick to me.”

“I feel so overwhelmed by all the emotions that come up for me.”

“I don’t know how to process all the things I’m feeling.” 209 more words

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Tech Is Changing “Matching” in the Workforce

As technological innovations have boosted data collection and processing capabilities in the last decade, tools and platforms using this technology have changed or accelerated how job seekers and employers nd each other. 521 more words


US - Top 10 creative jobs in demand

Everyone knows the top-paying jobs are typically found in science and business. However, there are plenty of top-dollar career options for professionals whose passions are in the creative fields: coming up with new and original ideas, projects or products. 604 more words

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Tips for Staying Actively Engaged at Work

Everybody needs a mental break once in a while—time that they can spend relaxing and recharging. But when one mental break turns into consistent disengagement, it can spell trouble for your career. 30 more words

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Awesome Workplace Incentives Companies Are Offering

Most job seekers aspire to higher salaries, but there’s more to job hunting than looking for more money. You’ll also want to look for great workplace incentives that improve your quality of life. 42 more words

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How to celebrate wins

In the past I haven’t been a good celebrator so I’m practicing.

Really good dark chocolate usually hits the spot for me. I also love taking myself to a bookstore and browsing because it inspires me and makes me happy. 133 more words

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