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PenBox V3.1

PenBox V3.1
added an amazing php / python tool , that will enable you to put a php payload in a cms or a php script , and then backconnect to the webserver with that url and a password , the best thing about this tool is that the payload dosent pass 20 lines , so its technicaly undetected for web admins and sysadmins… 17 more words


The Perfect Man Gift ~ He'll Love It!!

Multi-Tool Steel Card & Key Knife Set
Nifty!!  Remarkable Quality Craftsmanship!!

Stainless Steel Multi-Tool with 10 functions the size of a credit card
 • Multi-Tool has a nice thin cover ~ Love this as it provides protection to your   wallet…

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The Ancestry We’re Related APP

Facebook is on fire about this new Ancestry.com APP, We’re Related. Lots of Genealogist and Bloggers are “talking” about it on that social media platform. 558 more words

ALLY Tools Large and Small Oxy Acetylene Tip Cleaner Combo Set

This tip cleaning set for welders if excellent for keeping your tips in shape while on the job, they come in small cases and are attached to rings so they are easy to find and use on the spot. 11 more words

Tip Cleaners

Self Transformation Takes Time

We grew up watching Extreme Makeover and other 1-hour shows that would have us believing that life turns around in a few scenes and a couple of commercial breaks. 217 more words


Monk of the Sickle and Hammer NPC

Note, this blog and picture used to highlight it has nothing to do with anything political.  It was a picture I saw that gave me creative ideas to make an NPC for use in a Dungeon’s and Dragons game.

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