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Sharpening at a Higher Level / Affûter à un niveau supérieur

En avant-plan, un échantillon de quelques outils nécessaires pour affûter les forets Forstner, ceux à pointes et à lèvres ainsi que les populaires forets plats (arrière-plan). 433 more words



I am so happy. Finally I have my mannequin on the 1/4 scale. My teacher helped me get a good deal. She is great!

And the sewing machine is a musical box, it was a gift from my mother. 66 more words

Couture Journal

Tools I Use

Internet Marketing Resources – Tools that you’ll need for your business.
These are some of the resources that I use in my online business… 439 more words

Must have free tools for DBAs

This is not news to most DBAs, but I’ll list my favorite free tools anyway. Assuming you are using Windows on your laptop, here is a list of free tools that I really enjoy and personally consider a “must have” tool to administer my databases and servers.



Maybe it's time for a custom dashboard for a disoriented web geek...

Well, I finally came to the realization that the reason my personal projects never get anywhere is due to my total lack of organization when it comes to accounts, communications and data.   273 more words


5 Tips Memilih Hosting Yang Tepat Untuk Bisnis

Memilih hosting jangan asal pilih, itulah kata mereka yang sering kali mengelola webiste atau blog. Hosting adalah rumah website atau blog kita, tempat dimana kita menaruh gambar, text, gambar, video dan dan script lainnya. 295 more words


Wonderful Wooden Wonderland - Sara E.

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? Unfortunately I don’t know the answer to this question, but I do know how many wooden yoga mat racks my team and I can produce within a week. 611 more words