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4 Reads to Help You Get Out of a Creative Slump

Over the last 2 years or so, due to major stress, I’ve been really struggling creatively. Not necessarily coming up with ideas, but implementing them. Going from making and creating all the time to completing nada was a horrible feeling. 216 more words


Techie Tuesday: Converting a Physical machine to Virtual Machine

This article will guide you through the steps needed to convert a physical machine to a virtual machine, using any hypervisior.

  1. Using Macrium Reflect take an image of your physical machine…
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Firewood and Proper Use of a Moisture Meter

If you heat with wood, you may have bought a moisture meter to help you decide if your wood is dry enough to burn. But you may be using that tool in a way that is not providing you with full, complete and correct information. 219 more words


Why Do Creative People Burn Out? | A Writer's Path

Creativity is, in many ways, like magic. We start crafting something out of nothing and, suddenly, the whole world looks and feels different. We can do anything.

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25 Tools for Social Media Marketers

Want to simplify your daily social media marketing tasks? Looking for a list of helpful apps and tools? The right apps can make a world of difference in the life of a busy social media marketer. 40 more words

EXCEL Pivot Tables

As an EXCEL user, if you have been creating a lot of tables and have not yet been introduced to Pivot Tables, you are missing out on EXCEL’s most advanced & powerful business intelligence (BI) solution for data analysis. 92 more words


Professional Make Up Brush Shampoo


Capacity: 100ml

This 100ml Professional Make Up Brush Shampoo thoroughly cleans brushes, taking extra care of hygiene when applying make up. It extends the life of hair as it precisely cleanses cosmetic residue, sebum, exfoliated skin and dust. 35 more words

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