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Today's Feelings ST

Today is one of those days where i seem to be stressing over everything. Here’s a post-it note shit toon rendition of my mood.

‘pipe down, for heavens sakes’

Reflection ST

Today as I was coming down the escalator in the department store where i work i saw this really fucking angry weird looking customer looking at me. 23 more words

RF Gun

Today I picked up an RF gun and it beeped so high-pitched and loudly that I interpreted it as a scream and immediately apologised.

Welcome to my new series of shit-toons.

V-JUMP March 2015: Collectors Pack - The Duelists of Destiny -

As mentioned earlier, the pack will start sales 16th May 2015.

On to the new cards!

CPD1-JP016: Lord of the Red
Lv. 8/FIRE/Dragon-Type/Ritual/Effect
This card can be Ritual Summoned with the Ritual Spell Card “Red-Eyes Transformation”. 709 more words


V-JUMP March 2015: New Cards for Set 905: Clash of Rebellions

CORE-JP054: Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon (Ultra/Ultimate Rare)
Rank 7/DARK/Dragon-Type/Xyz/Effect
2 Level 7 Monsters
(1): If this card has an Xyz Material(s), it cannot be destroyed by card effects. 1,195 more words


Artbooks Bag of Doodles art trade

So I recently did an art trade with a fellow artist, and this was the outcome. The images on the left is his, and the right is of course mine. 42 more words

Cartoon Tagging

Cartoon styled The Last of Us Joel Wip

I found this cartoon styled The Last of Us concept by Feli P. Tomkinson one day browsing through deviantart, and fell in love with it so told myself I would do a 3d version of it someday. 58 more words