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Alex Ross Turns In Yet ANOTHER Amazing Comic Book Cover, This Time Out - Image Comics: "Tooth & Claw"

I challenge you to find ONE image by Alex Ross that you don’t like.  Go ahead…take your time… we’ll wait patiently…  If you are like us you just can’t do it.   472 more words


Wolves of Lunacy: Chapter 5: To Freedom

The icy chill of the winter wind stung his feathers. A canyon native since a hatching, Slain’s ebon wings were not used to the extremities of the cold. 1,054 more words

Tooth & Claw

Wolves of Lunacy: Chapter 4: The Scentless

The snow flurries tickled her nose but she knew better than to sneeze. Any slight movement could risk the entire mission a failure. Just a second longer and…bingo. 1,446 more words

Tooth & Claw

Wolves of Lunacy: Chapter 2: Fall of the First

The Ibex smelled of corrosion and death yet all who approached him were compelled to obey. Within a few days the ibex gained a following and began to preach new concepts never before thought of. 822 more words

Tooth & Claw