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Best Travel Toothbrush - Braun Oral-B DB4010 review

Travelling, being outdoors, living in a truck, evicted or just being prepared – all these situations require some minimum set of tools, gadgets and preparations to provide continuous wellbeing and comfort of modern human being. 910 more words

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So my boyfriend and I have reached that point in our relationship where I can leave feminine products at his place! Well we have definitely surpassed that point, but it was finally a thing that we noticed would be very convenient. 46 more words


A Pig Toothbrush?

Pig hairs are pretty tough.  But can you imagine scrubbing your teeth with pig hairs?

In the past, people used pig hairs as bristles on a toothbrush.  50 more words


Convincing your child to brush their teeth

Laura is an ex-nanny, maternity nurse and sleep consultant who now spends her time as mummy to Ted. She writes about the reality of parenting after being a problem-solver to other people. 499 more words

G-Poppers... February 27, 2015

 Jonathots Daily Blog


G-Pop couldn’t find his grandson.

The birthday party for the little fella had been over for nearly an hour and the boy was nowhere in sight. 333 more words


Accidentally breeding maggots

So I finally decided to tell this story to you all. The story how I accidentally bred maggots in my bathroom.

Being the little weird clean freak that I am, I stuffed tissues at the bottom of the toothbrush holder in order to soak up some of the water that was left dripping from the toothbrush. 365 more words

Secret, Stupid Fears

Recently I was asked what my biggest fear was. In my rush for an answer, I replied, ‘Spiders, I guess’.

Spiders? Come on, I said to myself later that night. 288 more words