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The Mysterious Fourth Toothbrush

Most people have one toothbrush at any given time, right?  Unless, perhaps, you have a travel bag with one packed at the ready like I do.  487 more words

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Fun Dip

I think it’s normal for all kids to have an affinity for the toilet. My daughter is mesmerized by it, and refuses to give me a moments peace, even trying to pry my ass off the seat with her baby hands (she wants to see the flush). 91 more words

White trash...

Spring is bringing new faces to happy beach. People have ventured outside to care for gardens, prune orchards, repair homes and the houses to let. And there are leisurely visitors too. 83 more words

Bottle Tops

These are the things that make being a mom so awesome...

Within the past week or two our little boy has started to do so many new things.

He shakes his head no, waves hello and bye, brushes his own teeth, and can stand unassisted for 5 or more seconds. 250 more words

Hello Kitty Timed toothbrush review

After my daughter had finally gotten over a cold that had been hanging on for about 2 weeks I do as most parents i changed her toothbrush. 234 more words


Baby Stuff You Gotta Have

I’d love to have some of your favorite “must-haves” for newborns and for toddlers. SHARE THE WEALTH!

Rickety swing

There’s no need to spend more than $50 on a swing for your kiddo. 584 more words

Baby Stuff

What Your Chewing Stick is Trying to Tell You and Doesn't Want Your Toothbrush to Know

I have used a chewing stick once in my life. Just once, as far as I can remember. Who knows what I did before I started teething. 638 more words