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Which Is Better? A Manual or Electric Tooth Brush?

We’re often asked by patients, which is better for them, a manual or electric toothbrush? This week, we’re going to explore the answer to that question for all those of you out there who are curious. 361 more words


THE Ultimate Toothbrush....really!

DC always had a problem with brushing his teeth. Like most things hygiene-wise, if he can not see it, he does not understand it. If his hands are not dirty (dirt that he can actually see) then why should he have to wash his hands so often? 666 more words



Maybe you don’t have to rush
You could leave a toothbrush
At my place
At my place

because it all comes back to Richard. always.

Richard Armitage

Activated Charcoal to Whiten the Teeth?

Being a registered nurse, I have seen charcoal being used in a very different way to whitening ones teeth. I have seen Health Professionals use it to reduce the effects of food poisoning, to cure hangovers, to treat poison victims and I have also seen it used on massive open wounds to reduce the smell. 481 more words


Don't Forget Your Toothbrush ...

Disturbing fact I read in the paper yesterday was the according to a survey 1 in 4 people do NOT pack a toothbrush or toothpaste when they go on holiday. 169 more words


DIY toothbrush craft

Do your kids ever get excited about brushing their teeth?….. Hahaha… But really, mine sometimes are a little less than in love with their oral hygiene. 132 more words

Clean Living

You might as well just chew on a stick.

So I just made me own toothpaste, and so far I love it. Here’s the recipe for that. 

So then I started looking up DIY toothbrushes to go with my new awesome toothpaste. 53 more words