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It was a toss up between a toothpick and a spackle trowel. Toothpick had a higher squeamish factor.

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Comic Commentary

Do You Recommend Toothpick?

I will once again return to the times when I was a student in dental school and knew only little of the dentistry.

We were learning about cariology and were advised to bring in dental radiographs (x-rays) if we had any. 1,181 more words


A toothpick in the gum,

it’s hurting but it’s doing a great job,

of removing leftovers,

of pleasure enjoyed which are now injurious hangovers,

so turn your back on a past that has gone sour and cold, … 11 more words


Picky Picture!

Wordless Wednesday with thousand words or numerous picks!

Did you find this nice?
Then you would love the brimming beauty from mundane things listed over… 31 more words


My old art history project Eiffel Tower

I just want to post one project i did last year for Art history class.

The project I did was a toothpick-build Eiffel Tower.

Tourism Toothpicks

Our semester is finally ending, and we have spent a good chunk of time figuring out our students’ final grades. For my “Tourism” class, I had the students do one postcard for every place that we talked about, and I was pleasantly surprised by the creative results. 56 more words