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Toothpick by Blair Gaulton

Psychotic toothpick
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Feb 2018




i’ll take this toothpick
chew it like a boss
between my teeth
tell you how i skinned the saber-tooth
impregnated a colony of virgins… 28 more words

Poetic Prose

How to Make Your Own Scratch Art

I’m sure we’ve all done scratch art when we were little.  That black piece of paper that you scrape away to get to the rainbow colors underneath.  840 more words

Mr. 3 gets a splinter

I only noticed the splinter by the time the finger was swollen and inflamed. My husband was working from home that day, so I called him up to help. 244 more words


The Mysterious Toothpicks

There has been a great mystery stirring in my house in the last few days. Several toothpicks have been discovered on the floor by my desk in the living room and on the bookshelves in my bedroom and over the floor. 113 more words


Exclusive Invention: The Tooth Pickaxe (Hygienic & Dangerous!)

If you’re like us, you’ll agree the toothpick isn’t useful for anything except picking bits of food from one’s gnashers. If you’re like us, you’d also wish toothpicks were more dangerous – they’re almost at a good level for self-defence, but not quite. 558 more words


Heart and teeth

No, this is not the latest title I have in mind for my next book… this is a news item I saw which seems to confirm a link between plaque on teeth and heart problems… It reminded me of an old friend of my dad’s probably long dead who was a well-loved and well-respected doctor. 535 more words

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