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10 Films made with hand-held cameras

The trend of hand-held camera movies are a very popular trend. And, so they should. This method of making films keeps audiences watching – giving them a realistic and more believable look into various situations. 100 more words

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Καλές μου φίλες,

σήμερα το ενημερωτικό μας μαγκαζίνο θα κάνει μια μίνι αναδρομή στο παρελθόν, πάντα με στόχο την έγκυρη και έγκαιρη ενημέρωσή σας.

Οι καλά διαβασμένες φίλες θα αναγνώρισαν σίγουρα αυτή τη φωτογραφία.

Jillian & Christa's Great Blog Collab Top 10

Happy anniversary, Christa!  The Blog Collab is officially 18 months old!  Slightly older than Bertha Mason (but the Blog Collab has drawn way less blood)! 1,056 more words

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Top 10 Movies...EVER!

Today marks one year to the day since I started my blog, so to celebrate the occasion I thought I would finally unleash my Top 10 Movies…EVER! 1,208 more words


Top 10 Films (Of Bee's Current Mood)

In no particular order … otherwise this list would never get written!

So when we decided to write a synopsis of our top ten films, I thought the number was a good and healthy one. 2,151 more words


Sam's 10 Films You Must See (the ones I can remember)

To usher in the latest chapter of Season of the Bliss, we decided to renew our efforts to tackle movies.

We figured this Top 10 idea had merit since it’ll help you gauge what type of films we like, and therefore what type of films you can expect us to comment on in future. 1,305 more words