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Top 10; Books I Disliked.


I’ve seen a thread going over BookTube about books that readers disliked.
The idea intrigued me and I wanted to do it too.
For an example you can visit… 1,994 more words


Daves Top 10 Shoes of the 2000's

After the all the (still ongoing) success of my Top Shoes From The 90’s list, I decided to come with a follow up. This time highlighting the following decade. 611 more words

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Top 10 Songs: February

I totally love music. Everything about it is perfect. I find it is one of the most relatable things in life as it always has so much to offer. 132 more words

Top 10 Things You Wish You Knew Before You Started High School

So, high school’s cool right? *Laughs nervously*. One of the biggest issues with the notoriously awkward and forced transition of a boy or girl becoming a bigger boy or prettier girl by taking them out of a school where they’re around boys and girls like them and forcing them around boys and girl who are intimidatingly bigger and more developed than them, is the attitude one has going through this transition. 973 more words


10 Activities for tutor time (part 1)

Many tutors are short of time to think of activities to do with their tutor group. Below are 10 ideas that you could pick up in a seconds notice. 199 more words

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Anime Series You Like That No One Else Does

This is the last day everybody! We’re finally here! Day 30 woooo! Day30.com yeah!

Okay maybe I’m being too excited about it, I’m going to make a quick blog so hopefully it’s not another super post I mean I only have a few things to talk about so we’ll see how that goes, that always goes well trying to make a short quick post. 892 more words


Top 10 Tuesday: "Get a Mac" ads

Yes, this one is truly bizarre. If you thought I was going out on a limb with my favorite figure skaters, now I’m really going out there with this one: the “Get a Mac” ads that aired in the second half of the last decade. 73 more words