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You Know It's Time to Move On

I have a friend who is being compelled to move from her longstanding residence shortly, due to a very unfortunate set of circumstances. She is quite unhappy, having to give up the apartment, albeit in a creaky old house, given its scenic, multidirectional view, but the environment has become untenable. 161 more words


📝 Butterflies

👤 Rudyard Kipling

Eyes aloft, over dangerous places,

The children follow the butterflies,

And, in the sweat of their upturned faces,

Slash with a net at the empty skies. 118 more words


It's Our Anniversary!

Hello everyone!  It is our anniversary and we decided to post our 10 favorite blog posts from this past year. These may have not been our top 10 in numbers, but they were our favorites to write or take pictures of or to read. 81 more words


Made in Greece beauty products #7 - Blue Scents !

Γεια σας ομορφιές μου, 

ξέρω πως αυτή την εβδομάδα δεν ήμουν τόσο συνεπής, αλλά έχω σοβαρή δικαιολογία.Τρέχω , τρέχω, τρέχω μιας και πρόκειται να μετακομίσω σύντομα!


Top 10 Pokémon of Generation 7

Alola! The most recent generation of Pokémon games and a return to form for the series! This list is based on personal preference not stats. 314 more words

Greedy Beetle



Mr. Pat was a very clever man but he had a habit of bragging. One day, he went to a restaurant. A man came and sat in front of him, as there was no other space available in the restaurant.

78 more words
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