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So Sayeth the Odinson: The Odinson’s Top 10 Benevolent AI: Robots and Androids

Greetings from the Odinson,

The Odinson saw Alien: Covenant and I am here to report – A+.  Is it a perfect film?  No, but it is, hands down, the best Alien film we have seen in over thirty years.  1,415 more words

So Sayeth The Odinson With Michael Breakfield

TOP 10 reasons to visit Scotland

Scotland happens to be one of the most fascinating places on Earth. It is a country that wallows in riveting history and mysterious nature. It is a land of castles, kilts, bagpipes and whiskey. 52 more words


Kapil Sharma's show is back in ratings

The Kapil Sharma show is from around a month suffering a huge blow in television ratings after the exit of the main pillars of ace comedians Sunil Grover, Ali asgar and Chandan Prabhakar and aiso Sugandha Mishra. 143 more words

The Kapil Sharma Show

Baby Food Top 10

Hello! Hello!

So as you all know, Brenalynn just turned 7 months old… And what a busy month it as been since she turns 6 months old. 768 more words


Mind Blowing Things You Still Don't Know About Max Payne Video Game

Max Payne is an amazing game ever single game in the series has its own beauty. The Original Max Payne defined the genre in spite of being developed on a limited budget and created a new benchmark in video game narration. 136 more words


Ten Must See Destinations That You Have Never Heard Of Before

After spending a few hours researching, we hope that this is a list of destinations that most have never heard of before. Take a look for yourself and get your daily dose of wanderlust. 399 more words


Top 10 K-Drama Rewatches for Summer 2017 (Years 2014-2016)

What’s better than curling up in front of your computer to watch a Korean drama? Answer: probably a lot of other things, but it sure is a great way to relax this summer (and any other part of the year to be honest). 1,701 more words