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Top 8 free Pasta And What to do With All That Food You Can't Eat

I have been so lazy lately when it comes to cooking. You just don’t realize (when you spend most of your life eating “convenient” meals) how many dishes and how much effort making “real food” takes. 333 more words

Top 8 Monsters 2015

Sorry everyone for the lateness but here is the video for the Top 8 Monsters as voted by you the fans (with some attempted explanation as to why the choices are as they are). 169 more words


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My Just Desserts

Within classical conditioning a behavior that provokes a negative reaction is usually a behavior that is short lived.  I, on the other hand, must be a glutton for punishment. 765 more words

8 Of My Traveling Essentials

Every trip is different, but no matter where I go there are some things I’m always bringing with me. A couple of these items are recent purchases, but I can definitely see myself bringing them with me in the future. 479 more words


Mexican shrimp quinoa, gf pasta and zucchini, and crappy pumpkin muffins

The last two weeks have been a series of trial and error in the kitchen. As a reminder, I’m on doctor’s orders to avoid chicken, eggs, beef, milk, (any land animal or its byproducts) legumes, soy, and the biggie, gluten. 530 more words


Finals are upon us, and it looks like we are in for a great weekend of four amazing and closely contended games.

This blog post will be looking at each match up for the weekend and who my predications of winners will be (despite my unlucky streak for the last couple of weeks). 2,282 more words