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March Top 8

  1. Thought from series of The X-files:

2. Concert – One weekend I had opportunity to participate in a few concerts. One of them was Oktava orchestra concert…. 436 more words

Top 8

rapdevil - #8 Future | Top Ten Rappers

Futures real name is Nayvadius Cash, he was born on the 20th of November 1983 in Atlanta Georgia. Growing up in Kirkwood also known as Lil Mexico with his brother Casino and childhood friend Young Scooter, both are Freebandz rappers today. 467 more words


Okay so today I’ve just found the human race unbearably irritating, I honestly find it hard to comprehend how people can be so extraordinarily stupid when it comes to the things they do. 229 more words


February Top 8

1.Book 📗- Katherine Webb – The Unseen. Amazing book about murder, love and history overall. This book was my birthday present from my dear friend. Book description is in link below, but what can I say – it is not just an usual book, it’s something more… After reading this I was so sad, but it made me think about everything… What is happening in our world and what I can do about it… Really phenomenal book. 234 more words

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My Top 8 Movies of 2017

bella and emma did it so here i am

8) Beauty and the Beast

i still sing this constantly and will watch it at any given second regardless of emma watson’s awful auto tuned voice solely for Luke Evans’ Gaston… 690 more words