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Fall bee duties and more bee stuff...

Checking the Hives

Nucwith feeder

Opening the hive

Inside the hive

Part of fall beekeeping is increased feeding and treating the bees for mites that often have a devastating effect on the hive’s health and survival. 690 more words


Summer Intern Miles!

Making hive stands

Transporting bees at night

Miles, you fantastic man!  You are really an amazing person to live and work with.  Always ready to pitch in when the work gets tough.   60 more words

Thank You to 2018 Summer Interns!

Thank you to our 2018 summer interns: Alana, Erin, Sarah, Kyra, Chloe, Danny, Miles and Conner!

We managed to do hundreds of bee hours, doing inspections, building equipment and cleaning the apiary.   47 more words


Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey sneaked up on me. My wife and I left the Houston area 7 days prior to Hurricane Harvey hitting the Texas coast. We were celebrating our daughter’s wedding up in gorgeous Aspen Colorado. 391 more words


Honey Harvest

They (the Honey Bees) are going strong. The hive is densely populated. It’s still summer and they have time to accumulate more pollen and nectar, regurgitate them over and over until a substance called Honey is produced. 117 more words


Cutting Squares - Cut Honeycomb

My topbar hive was becoming loaded, so heavy, that my poorly constructed hive support legs were breaking. I needed to both harvest and stabilize the hive. 261 more words



It’s been quite a while since I last posted.  At that time it appeared that both queens had made it through the winter.  Unfortunately the older queen wasn’t able to handle the drastic warm/cold swings of our spring weather here.   314 more words