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A year in Beekeeping 2014

A Very mild winter brings an early spring

April 23 is the day of ‘birth’

Bees in a box with one comb and a virgin queen… 244 more words


What is an Ecofloor anyway?

Ecofloor, deep floor, litter filled base, I have heard it called a few things.
I first came across the idea through a youtube video by Phil Chandler… 622 more words


Robins Bay Bee Club's First Hive Donation

Former Peace Corps Volunteer Ann Bruce, Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer Tom Hebert and Yerba Buena Farm collaborated to start this natural beekeeping club in 2012.  The training apiary was made possible through a grant from the USAID/Peace Corps Small Project Assistance program.   248 more words

Bee Housekeeping

Today, us Accidental Beekeepers decided to check on our pets to see if all is OK with them in their relatively new abode. We’ve observed from the outside but have not intruded into their ‘private’ lives. 206 more words


Trainer Sam Comfort

This is a long-overdue blog post.  Trainer Sam Comfort, a top bar beekeeper from America, came to Jamaica in September 2013.  We had a month of learning from this really interesting man – Sam has such a unique perspective, it is refreshing and inspirational.   302 more words

Creating an open-source Kenyan top-bar beehive

As a result of a mention in New Scientist, I stumbled across the Open Source Beehive project, which aims to do two things: create simple plans for bee hives that can be used by all, and to design sensors that can monitor the hives. 967 more words


Women Bee Farmers Association Mead Making

In September 2014, we started the Jamaica Women Bee Farmers Association.  This organization supports women beekeepers who are interested in making their operations more economically and environmentally sustainable.   101 more words