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Learn from our mistake!

If you read about our bee install or watched the video, it might have looked like everything went okay. Well, we made a crucial mistake. 463 more words


Preparing Beeswax from the Hive (or the valiant effort anyway)

There wasn’t any honey to take because my bees died of starvation by all appearances.  But the seventeen frames of wax ought to come in handy for salves, lotions, and candles if I could get them melted down.  332 more words


Update ~ Bees Are Doing Well

Update on our May 1/15 Bee Moving (from Compost Drum to a DIY Top Bar Hive.

The royal entrance to the Queen’s Abode ~ no confusion, no disarray … they know their in’s and out’s. 9 more words


Bee Moving No. 2

Today, the weather permitted us, the Accidental Beekeepers, to move our bees comfortably and hopefully for them (bees) too, our treasured self-invited Honey Bees. For a month, … 240 more words


Bringing Home the Bees

After the swarm moved into the hive we had ready for the new packaged bees, I had one day to scrounge a suitable replacement.  Luckily we had the empty hive from the… 556 more words


Hive Day 6

First let me say that there is more going on on the garden this spring than the new bee experiment and I promise I will get back to posting about these things.  530 more words



Two days before our package arrived, a swarm moved into the hive!

Bees had been checking out the hive for weeks, but it looked like they were just robbing the remaining honey. 96 more words