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found this bee gathering pollen among the brassica flowers – know they like the stuff, so let my broccoli flower. Do know its one of my bees as a few minutes later saw it flying into the hive with fat yellow legs!



It seems longer, but it has only been two weeks since I hived the package of bees.  A few days later released the queen.  Was supposed to pull the cork and put in a marshmallow for the workers to chew through, but as soon as the cork was removed, she walked out of the cage. 233 more words


releasing the queen

The instructions with this package were to wait five days then remove the cork from the queen cage and replace with a marshmallow.  Its only been 4 (hived the package late Sunday and today is Thursday), but when I pulled out the cork, the queen walked right out of the cage, so into the hive she went.  172 more words


busy days in the garden

installed the package of bees last night. Opened it this AM to make sure they were there, and see how they are doing. The skinny spacer slats are over the queen’s cage and the bees are all huddled around them. 297 more words


waiting for the bees

Hive box set up and waiting. Feeder inside in the back, hard to see, but water hanging from tree; glass bowl with corks. Bees coming earlier than expected, have to pick up at 1 rather than 2 which is all the better… 313 more words


Our Swarm Box (part 3)

Our Swarm Box saga, parts 1 & 2 is finally coming to its finale.

It has sat on our Top Bar Hive for 2 days and after much advice seeking and deliberation, we felt today would be just right to put the bees (that came to our front yard) where they will bee comfortable (pardon the pun). 176 more words


back to bees

A few years ago, tried my hand at bee keeping. and I failed.  Never knew exactly why the hive failed, lack of experience is probably the answer. 233 more words