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Rain.....Yes it has Been Raining!

Almost 5 inches of rain over the past two weeks. I think the garden is well soaked!

I have three bee hives located nearby in a friends yard…..much more than a yard – it is essentially 3 lots, one with a house and guest house, one recently cleared for a Barndominium project. 949 more words


Too Busy is my Excuse

I really have been busy. Bees, garden, substitute chicken farmer, setting up new apiary and more.

The bees first….two of the four top bar hives look very strong, one is toast and one may need an infusion of brood from a stronger hive. 540 more words


Finn McSpool Gives New Meaning to Bee Sting Lips

Last week we left our intrepid Beastie, Finn McSpool, in the midst of a messy kitchen with something that resembled a wheel of cheese. 840 more words

Finn McSpool

Finn McSpool Minds His Beeswax

Those of you who have been with me a while know I share my backyard with a hive full of bees. The girls are all tucked in for the winter, but after realizing I could no longer close the freezer door due to all the honeycomb I’d been stashing away over the season, I decided time was well overdue for a round of beeswax rendering. 942 more words


Fall bee duties and more bee stuff...

Checking the Hives

Nucwith feeder

Opening the hive

Inside the hive

Part of fall beekeeping is increased feeding and treating the bees for mites that often have a devastating effect on the hive’s health and survival. 690 more words


Summer Intern Miles!

Making hive stands

Transporting bees at night

At a beautiful view spot

Miles, you fantastic man!  You are really an amazing person to live and work with.   70 more words

Thank You to 2018 Summer Interns!

Thank you to our 2018 summer interns: Alana, Erin, Sarah, Kyra, Chloe, Danny, Miles and Conner!

We managed to do hundreds of bee hours, doing inspections, building equipment and cleaning the apiary.   47 more words