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Another Revolutionary Beehive

Ah, yet another revolutionary beehive. You know, it’s more suited to the needs of the bees, yet better for the beekeeper. In this case, an Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) designer has come up with a beehive that holds 8 frames instead of 10 and uses a 6-and-5/8-inch box instead of the deeper standard super. 695 more words

Culture, Or Lack Thereof


found a source in Arizona for live bees for sale. A little further south from here, lower altitude. But they will drive up here in April/May 2016 and deliver a package. 40 more words


From my Yard to Yours

Unpacked the 16 box shipment today  that arrived at the front door on Monday…..while I was traveling. In hindsight, I should have given my bride a heads up but…… Lumps look good on my head! 229 more words

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The bees at night

It’s time for a Random Wednesday blog post! Why Random Wednesday? Oh, heck, I don’t know, but it sounded like a good idea… And on that note… 159 more words


I am Legal Now

Actually, I have been legal for a long, long time! As of September 1st of this year I can legally sell honey at Farmers Markets as long as I meet the State of Texas’ labeling requirements. 332 more words

Healthy Lifestyle

Last Harvest from My Top Bar Hive

Sad story….Possibly, immediately after this last harvest the whole hive left….sometimes the old queen leaves and the hive has produced a new queen –  but I wasn’t so lucky. 372 more words