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managing the hive

Installed bees 4/17/16, last opened of 5/3/16. Stopped feeding bees about 2 weeks ago. their rate of building new comb has slowed down.

Front of comb#7, back was empty comb… 18 more words



Nothing much to really say at this point.  Used the GZ to water, but didn’t get a chance to recharge it due cloud cover, so another experiment, how will the battery hold a partial charge, for how long, until we get sunshine again? 432 more words


bees and hair

We all have hair, and what does it have to do with bees?  As my bees are gentle, am often by the hive without protection, both to observe or to change the feeder bottle.  151 more words


opened the hive

Have 7 well formed comb, like these two. all showing capped syrup, some pollen, and am pretty sure there is some brood here too. There is a seventh comb about half this size and the bees were just lining up to start work on the 8th bar. 158 more words



found this bee gathering pollen among the brassica flowers – know they like the stuff, so let my broccoli flower. Do know its one of my bees as a few minutes later saw it flying into the hive with fat yellow legs!



It seems longer, but it has only been two weeks since I hived the package of bees.  A few days later released the queen.  Was supposed to pull the cork and put in a marshmallow for the workers to chew through, but as soon as the cork was removed, she walked out of the cage. 233 more words