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Top Bar Hive

Bought a top bar hive to have a play with. Been giving it a lick of paint this evening. check out the before and after pics.



It has been a busy time here with too much work and getting the garden going and coping with health issues. And though I think… 1,100 more words

Newbies With New Bees

Installing a Top Bar Hive

I have wanted to try a top bar hive for some time. I find the lifting with a National really heavy, and the weekly inspections in May are almost impossible now. 686 more words

Self Sufficiency

Assembling the Hive

While we are waiting to do our next full hive inspection, we thought we’d post some photos from our hive assembly.

Choosing a beehive is difficult…especially for beginners. 509 more words


Inspecting the Hive

Tonight we did our first full inspection since correcting the cross-bar comb. We wanted to get in there and make sure everything was going as planned. 202 more words


Oh No! Cross-Combing!

If you read about our bee install or watched the video, it might have looked like everything went okay. Well, we made a crucial mistake. 463 more words


Preparing Beeswax from the Hive (or the valiant effort anyway)

There wasn’t any honey to take because my bees died of starvation by all appearances.  But the seventeen frames of wax ought to come in handy for salves, lotions, and candles if I could get them melted down.  331 more words