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Managing the Bananas

I learn by mistakes, usually after the second or third one! A year and a half ago my banana plant produced a stalk of bananas and I had no clue why. 477 more words


bee update

forest fire not far away and wanted to see how the bees were doing. still too hot to open the hive, all that new comb is soft enough, even softer in the heat, and with the fire and the lack of pollen availability, don’t want to threaten them… 100 more words


Bee Adventures

Yesterday morning, yes too early for the bees  (mistake one), I went to check on and maybe harvest some honey from my original top bar hive. 424 more words


Been Beezy checking Bees & Combs

Sky was clear and air was still. Lots of bees were out foraging for nectar and pollen and we decided that conditions were ideal to do a special check on our “new” hive, which began with a… 127 more words


Bees Don't Sweat

And to all those who remember a certain deodorant campaign, no, bees don’t perspire either.

Although those of us in Portlandia are now suffering from a resurgence of icky, cold, rainy weather, we did get a brief taste of summer recently with temperatures soaring over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s a sweltering 38 degrees to the metric folks out there). 726 more words

Hobbies & Projects

Cleaning out the Combs

In November, we harvested the full honey combs from the hive that died of exposure during a bad fall storm. It was our first experience extracting honey – and from a top bar hive at that.  501 more words


The Land of Wine & Honey (and Monsters)

As my loyal followers might remember, last year I delved into the wonderful world of winemaking, and that a few months ago I bravely bottled… 681 more words