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Just went by the hive, its almost 6pm, sun below the horizon, still plenty of light.  Bees on the landing board.  Bigger bees with darker bodies. 43 more words


bee check in

Have not opened the hive since the end of August as the weather is still hot days, although the nights are cooling. There are still flowers about, but not much. 116 more words


Summer 2016 Farmer-to-Farmer Volunteer Tom Hebert Teaches Sustainable Top Bar Beekeeping

Tom Hebert came back this past July 2016, again as a volunteer through the USAID Farmer-to-Farmer program, administered by Partners of the Americas.  Tom’s mission was to support the island’s new top bar beekeepers and to present sustainable top bar hive beekeeping to the more than 100,000 attendees of the Denbigh Agricultural Exposition, Jamaica’s largest annual agricultural show.   167 more words

bee update

opened the hive this morning after a few months. Its been so hot, did not want to stress them even more. BUT was concerned as with the heat, there wasn’t much flowering, even with all the wet we’ve had. 268 more words


As the trees begin to blossom ...

… one’s thoughts turn to pollination (plus the fact we missed out on doing curly leaf prevention this year…) and thus bees. I’ve been watching a few winter hardy bees on the lavender (especially the prostrate lavender; quite prolific this year) and on the early broadies in the past couple of weeks. 117 more words

Biodynamic Gardening

todays buzz

This is the supplemental pollen substitute feeder I’ve rigged up. there is a little of the pollen sub in the container, an opening on the side, and a little honey smeared on inside of the top.  84 more words


Managing the Bananas

I learn by mistakes, usually after the second or third one! A year and a half ago my banana plant produced a stalk of bananas and I had no clue why. 477 more words