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The Strategy of Collectivisation and Destruction of Individual Independence

Communist countries were the great experimenters in collectivisation. Totalitarian regimes plan to bring every citizen under the direct control of the state, therefore those social institutions and structures which support individual autonomy and independence come under attack. 1,062 more words

The Method of Totalitarian Rule

– is to destroy ALL lateral communications and affiliations, and replace them with Top-Down control.


Many cults perfected this.

Destruction of sexual relationships and family ties are critical to the process. 128 more words


SCOTUS: Hobby Lobby

If you want to support abortion rights you have to support property rights. Property rights are the absolute core foundation upon which abortion rights rest. Without property rights – the right to do with your body what you wish – then there is no such thing as the right to an abortion. 74 more words



Let me channel my inner Ron Swanson for a moment (not hard for me to do under any circumstance):

In this article from Time (linked below, though I’m not sure why I got the hard to recognize cheese photograph and not the even harder to recognize but more aesthetically pleasing butter cover image), we see that there have been at least 5 “pyramid schemes” issued since 1979 as recommendations from the government – the US government – regarding what Americans should be eating. 61 more words


The head doesn't know what the tail is doing

The FCC is poised to remove the technical ban on using cell phones during flight.

This is, as the article points out (see quote below), what the FCC does: it regulates technical communication issues. 279 more words


Nobody should have to eat Brussels sprouts

$1.50 per day is apparently the amount that separates a healthy diet from an unhealthy one.

The article linked above highlights the relatively small difference in price and notes that with such a small difference in price a lot of money could be saved (in healthcare expenses) if policy makers would take note and find a way to get poor people these funds. 222 more words