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Lead Innovation Top Down and Outside-In

My partners and I recently spoke to the top innovation executive at a large US public company. He and his team struggle with the question that all organizations eventually confront – where to find the next wave of growth. 662 more words

Growth Agenda

Rainbow sweater because it is spring

Happy yarn + chilly springs =

Really easy knit. I’ve made this pattern before and would make it again. Details here.

The yarn came from a clearance sale bought on purpose for babies. 71 more words

Made It

Fibonacci Memoization Top Down ( Recursive ) and Bottom Up ( Iterative )

Fibonacci Memoization Top Down ( Recursive ) and Bottom Up ( Iterative ) Dynamic Programming:

Top Down Fibonacci Memoization Code:

 * @author  Quickgrid ( Asif Ahmed )
 * @link    https://quickgrid.wordpress.com


#define N 64
long long F[N];

 * Top Down Recursive Fibonacci Memoization
long long topDownMemFib(long long n){
     * If its not 1 then it means there is already a calculated value
     * So no more need to compute, just return that value
    if(F[n] != -1)
        return F[n];

    F[n] = topDownMemFib(n - 1) + topDownMemFib(n - 2);
    return F[n];

int main(){
    register unsigned i;

    unsigned n;
    printf("Enter a number:\n");
    scanf("%u", &n);

     * Terminating condition values
    F[0] = 0;
    F[1] = 1;

     * First set the whole array to -1, means there are no calculated value
    for(i = 2; i <= n; ++i)
        F[i] = -1;

    printf("%lld\n", topDownMemFib(n));

    return 0;
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EGM Review: Helldivers

Hell ain’t a bad place to be

The twin-stick shooter is one of gaming’s oldest game types—and one of the hardest to make stand out among its contemporaries, especially given the genre’s recent resurgence in the Indie scene. 1,222 more words

Ray Carsillo

Hotline Miami Steam Review in 2015

Hotline Miami is a top down, dual stick fast paced, one hit death action game wrapped in a crime drama. You get phone calls to do things. 1,364 more words

Video Games

My Fore Skin-Flea Circus Desura Review

My Fore Skin-Flea Circus is a brief, top down story based dark comedy adventure. Its tough to put a label on an experience like this. Its quite a unique story that I’ll try not to spoil too much, but its tough with a game this short. 822 more words

Video Games

Game Up (Play the System)

I reached a new plateau in the last few days. After getting clear about the learning path (approach and timing) and developing the two Level concept of “Keep In Mind”, the next step was a mere formality. 902 more words