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How to estimate the easy way and the hard way

The subjective and unknown nature of projects often lead to use of subjective techniques and estimating is part of the process. Estimates are a key activity of any project, specially more so in the beginning of projects when things are still cloudy and murky. 813 more words


Pattern Spotlight: Masala

Published in 2015 Masala is a simple top down raglan v-neck with alternating leaf stitch at the bottom of the sleeves and body. Tunic length with instructions to shorten if desired. 80 more words


UltraGirl - TBC Inc. (Ongoing)

UltraGirl is an ongoing project, and was originally concepted out of the third and final sprint of the MacEwan Game Development Club’s Fall 2017 round of sprints (essentially three week game jams). 626 more words

Video Games

Episode 33: Keep Calm & Carry Yarn

Episode 33 features a cameo by Spencer! I discuss the calming effects of knitting in public; my Laitis sweater is finished; and there is a crochet dog bone to boot! 190 more words


Sneak Peek: Ariana

The Ariana test knit is almost finished. This is a tough time of year for test knits because everyone is busy with knitting for themselves after the rush to finish holiday gifts. 130 more words


Fear Effect Sedna Review

The original Fear Effect was something special back in the good old PS1 era. It captailized on the success of Resident Evil by bringing a game with the same type of mechanics while doing something completely different aesthetically. 637 more words


Shards of Nell - Dev Update 2 - Boundary cases

A boundary case is a problem that occurs at or beyond maximum or minimum input values. Boundary cases are fairly common issues, at least that I’ve found, in games programming. 376 more words