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Let’s talk mods

Violent Sol World continues to ask the question, “Can we mod this?” We started out this project with every intention of making all things, from creatures to items to biomes, modable. 444 more words


Adding Damage Over Time

I have been working hard the past few days to get things like damage over time and debuffs into the game.  I struggled on this because I spent too much time staring at the same code and refused to get a new perspective.   334 more words


Mod the speed

Now that I have effects in place I have to get them to do something.  The first thing I tackled is the speed of the character.   371 more words


REVIEW: Livelock

Livelock describes itself as a co-operative top-down shooter but the more I played it, the more I felt like it had some influences from action RPGs in terms of combat. 864 more words


Equipment Effects

So after our tech debt talk and moving around a bunch of code the team had a great discussion about where we wanted to head with equipment slots and how that equipment works.   256 more words


Two-tone top

Remember when I talked about my novice self strutting off and buying insufficient amount of yarn for stranded knitting? Yeah, in the same shopping spree, I’d also bought another insufficient set — 3 red and 1 gray skeins of the same yarn that I used for my… 155 more words


Tech Dept

So there comes a time in every project that you have to take a step back and clean up some of the stuff you left in there while you were rushing to get a feature in.   285 more words