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Day 1 to the 3rd Power

Day 1 – 1st Physical Therapy

I’ve had PT before for other reasons but this is to improve balance, etc. specifically as related to Parkinson’s Disease. 599 more words

Haba Na Haba

Solar Crusaders - Kickstarter Campaign Coming Soon

Solar Crusaders is a multiplayer top-down strategy game featuring 4x gameplay, sandbox universe, real-time battles, and simulated virtual economy. You’ll control the crews of customization spaceships and space-stations in a galaxy populated by other players and A.I. 427 more words


Metal Slug 3 Steam Review

Metal Slug 3 is from a long franchise of 2D run and gun games known for their beautiful animation, graphics and over the top crazy sort of silliness. 1,465 more words

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Top-down and bottom-up policy

In policy decision making there are two approaches related to the source from where the decision is coming.

One is the top-down approach, which is the process of the government deciding about the country or regional policy, including all aspects of social, economics, military and foreign regulations. 811 more words


Psychology News: Top-Down processing

I guess I learned this in my MCAT course. It’s one of those crazy things that you learn that you wonder if it would ever be useful. 157 more words

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Bentley brings its Continental touch to Oman

There are days, just some days, in the unremitting toil we call existence that make the daily drudgery worthwhile.

This was one of those days, with interest added. 518 more words


Too Many Games: Ittle Dew

Yay! Ittle Dew. That’s the appropriate reaction to have when you see Ittle Dew because it’s a joyous game. Well… sort of. It’s a game that’s split pretty hard between the wonderful children’s book artwork and at times frustrating mechanical experience. 492 more words

Too Many Games