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Pattern Spotlight: Sherri

Published in 2015 Sherri combines a modest scoop neck, mock cable ribbing and a high-low hem for casual loose comfort. Perfect for walks in the woods, cozy weekends and sipping hot coffee. 111 more words

Magic Loop Socks

To help the lovely ladies who came to my sock knitting class today here’s a simple run down of the casting on and knitting the rib and leg of their sock before our next lesson. 412 more words

Review: Meritous

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It’s been ten years or so since I first played Meritous, and the memory remains fresh in my mind. I was on an indie kick, inspired by free releases like Spelunky and Cave Story to scour the internet for the next big hidden gem. 558 more words


Review: One Way Heroics

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Back in the heady NES era, auto-scrolling levels always seemed to cause people the most stress. In a game like Mario or Castlevania where you normally get to explore or measure your movements, scrolling forces you to think on your feet and act under duress. 892 more words

Steam Reviews

Time Recoil - Nintendo Switch Review

From Finnish developer 10tons, Time Recoil is a repetitive, yet fun twin-stick shooter in the same vein as Hotline Miami. Games I’ve played that were similar to this one were bloodbaths, where I would kill waves of enemies while I completed some random task. 435 more words


Jydge - Nintendo Switch Review

Going in to Jydge, I was expecting a standard top-down twin-stick shooter game, where you have to kill waves and waves of enemies, in a constant onslaught.  400 more words


Yomawari: Midnight Shadows PSVita Review

Developed by Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. and published by NIS America, Inc., Yomawari: Mighnight Shadows is a top-down horror game filled with creative frights! In short, the game is great, and a must pick up if you are searching for something scary, dark and disturbing. 666 more words