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Mysterious Places You Wont Believe Actually Exist "part1"

  • 5- the sailing stones of racetrack Playa Death Valley California United States of America : sailing stones move by themselves creating long trails for years the movement of sailing stones was a mystery but in 2014 scientists were able to finally solve this incredibly fascinating mystery as it turns out the stones were pushed by the wind of the desert whenever an ephemeral wind pond is created which is a sheet of ice only a few millimeters thick formed during the bitterly cold desert nights .
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– 5 – North Sentinel island Andaman and Nicobar Islands India : North Sentinel island is home to the Sentinelese a group of indigenous people with a population of somewhere between and they’re one of the last peoples in the world to remain untouched by modern civilization and refuse any contact with outsiders as recently as 2006 two fishermen were killed by the Sentinelese when their boat drifted close to the island while peaceful contact was made during the early 1990s the Indian government stopped sending people to the island in 1997 we know from statistics that when you contact tribes like this where two-thirds of the population died after two years . 528 more words


Top 5 Places You Are Not Allowed To Visit "part 1"

  • if you’re planning your next holiday make sure to cross these destinations off your today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten places you are not allowed to visit for this list we’re looking at those places that bar the general public from visiting however we are not including places that run group tours although we still might recommend avoiding Chernobyl if possible pretty highly contaminated…
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Top Five: MLB Over/Unders

While it may be tough to believe, depending on where you live, spring and baseball season is right around the corner. Well, baseball is at least. 912 more words


Top Five Ways To Capture and Mesmerize Your Audience 

Have you been trying to capture the right audience and mesmerize but you just can’t get it done?

In this episode I would be showing you how you can capture the right audience and mesmerize them. 1,103 more words


Top Five Wednesday

I’m back with another Top Five Wednesday and I’m pretty excited for the topic today, which is:

Favorite Science Fiction & Fantasy in Other Media  1,058 more words

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Top 5 SFF Movies I Love

It’s been awhile since I posted a Top 5 and this week’s topic is very interesting.

For the sake of not listing all cartoons, I’m excluding all cartoons for this post, therefore, no Disney/Pixar Movies, no Shrek, no Minions, etc. 69 more words