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Unprecedented. The Bugatti Veyron

Go big or go home. It’s something you overhear a coach yelling at his players, or something Billy Bob says right before he tires to jump a lawn mower over his El Camino. 912 more words

The Dream Car Day

apostaday 16: sticky steering wheels


JEREMY CLARKSON (V/O): Tonight, on Top Gear. Richard “The Hippo” Hammond explores the post-feminist themes portrayed in the user manual of the new Porsche 9/11. 426 more words

Oh No! Tedious...

Government minister proposes ‘sponsor a northerner’ scheme

Government Minister Maurice Hapsburg MP is proposing the introduction of a ‘sponsor a northerner’ scheme after reading the harrowing account of Northern life in Jeremy Clarkson’s recent Sunday Times article… 169 more words


12. Hai Van Pass - riding the top gear road

Season 12, episode 8. The Vietnam special of top gear, the boys buy a variety of bikes and are told they have to ride across Vietnam. 368 more words

Top Gear Uncovered on Netflix #streamteam

My husband got me into watching Top Gear a couple of years ago. I have no idea how that happened. Well I do actually. It’s hosted by 3 guys with snarky whit, and quick humour. 141 more words


Breaking Zelda....A Bookworm's Journey Through Hyrule

Marriage requires sacrifice. You always think you know what this means before you actually have to go through with it.

My husband’s job is working with computers. 835 more words

Customer Service Hell