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And on that libtard bombshell...

Some say he’s a rich member of the establishment who fakes his we’re-all-in-this-together persona to boost ratings.

Others say he’s a witty bloke who has found an audience that adores his schtick and is comforted by his politics. 791 more words


Individual Project - Advanced Online Media 2015

For my individual project, I created a video focusing on Jeremy Clarkson being sacked by the BBC. When the news was first announced regarding Clarkson hitting his producer, I knew that it would be something that would develop – ultimately leading to him being sacked. 147 more words


Pat Sharp attempts to win April Fool's Day with Top Gear presenting prank, social media weirdness ensues

So here I am in the studio….. first day at the new job #topgear #thenewclarkson pic.twitter.com/cnIMFxeaMF

— Pat Sharp (@patsharp) April 1, 2015

In a day laden with the inevitable pranks, this effort from Pat Sharp might just be our favourite, in a rather weird way.

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So yeah, the Jeremy Clarkson thingy? As you were.

Jeremy Clarkson is a celebrity, and a cunt, and like most celebrity cunts he has a large number of detractors and supporters.

Using the chicken and egg analogy and or theorem, you can spend endless hours arguing whether Clarkson is a celebrity because he’s a cunt, or is he a cunt because he’s a celebrity? 1,292 more words


Wednesday Link-Off: The Fool or the Fool Who Follows Him

Keep your eyes open and don’t believe anything that happens today. It’s April Fools’ Day which means that you’re likely to see or be victim to a prank or bad joke or two.  367 more words


BREAKING NEWS *** Jeremy Clarkson - New Formula One Supremo

Overnight, Formula One has undergone some totally radical changes! F1 writer Dane Hansen, takes you through the motions of exactly what happened in the event that seems to be labelled called, “Le Revolution Formula One” 413 more words

Formula 1

End of an era

Jeremy Clarkson is gone. Now it looks likely that Hammond and May have joined him. Top Gear as we knew it is no more. Time has, essentially, been called on one of the best and most-watched entertainment shows on the planet. 533 more words