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Making a Difference in this World

For the longest time, I envy people who dedicate a big part of their lives in making a real difference in this world. Those people who wanted to save what little we have today. 272 more words


Social Butterfly

Hello people!
Nowadays it is like we have to keep up with the trends, follow the popular discussions and raise our knowledge about current issues. I sometimes feel too overwhelmed and feel like there were great things in the past that amused me too! 566 more words


Not Everything Happens for a Reason

Life is unfair. People are full of surprises and the world is a scary place. Get a grip of your life and step down from your pedestal. 333 more words


Beautiful, Crazy Love Story

Don’t settle for anything less. Don’t settle for that fleeting satisfaction. Don’t settle for that connection at first sight or first hello. Settle for that beautiful yet stupefyingly crazy love story. 299 more words